Climate Jacks – Rain Requires Rim Country Reports

The weather information is amazing. Do you have a rainfall or do you want to draw rainfall on your piston or rim home?

University of Arizona Professor Michael Krimins How to share your information with Michael Krimins at Rinlog. Local reporters and location information are important for everything from city administration to county and state levels, from watershed management to drought planning. All you need to do is get a rain gauge and access the Internet. volunteers select the rainfall, install it at home, and report the total rainfall through an online data entry form. Why is your rain data important? Rainfall patterns are highly variable due to topography and seasonal weather patterns – even in Pason and Rim. This is especially true during the rainy season, when thunderstorms can cause severe local rainfall. There are huge data gaps in many regions – adding new observers and reports across Pason and across the Rim will help fill those gaps.

Free weekly online forums hosted by Arizona University Extension Gila County do not require pre-registration. Guests are welcome to check in at for up to 10 minutes before departing.

Chris Jones, co-founder of the University of Arizona, Gila County Cooperative, hosts the popular series, and the Cooperative Extension website has a number of links to programs, talks, and resources. Links are posted on Facebook every week where you can join the Jones and Jilla County Gardeners Network at Call Jones at 928-402-8586 or email for an email invitation list for gardening and horticulture workshops.


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