Club News has a host of upcoming Woodcarvers, Garden Club events


McPherson Camp No. 1, Children of the Civil War Union, will hold a memorial service at the Great Grave Cemetery in Sulfur Springs on May 30 at 2 p.m. The Republican Grand Cemetery is home to veterans from the Civil War to the First Gulf War, including the only medal of honor buried in Benton County by World War I veteran Sgt. M. Waldo Hatler.

The cemetery is just outside of Sulfur Springs on Skyline Drive. Prizes awarded include “Tap” and Muscat Volley Greetings. The public is invited to attend.

Information (479) 381-6883


The Whiteville Rotary Club will meet on June 2 at 11 ፡ 45 at the Mermaid Restaurant in Whiteville. The program will be presented by Joy Morris at Magdalena Serenity House.

There is an option for a live zoom meeting option for those who do not feel like coming in person. Email the link to the meeting.


civil war

Bella Vista Civil War Round Table June 2, 7 p.m., at the Bella Vista Museum 1885 Bella Vista Way. It is presented in the Jim Spilar program about the well-known but important cane war. It was a prelude to the crucial battle of Prery Grove.

The meeting is free and open to the public. Receive donations to help with speaker costs.

Contact information at (812) 899-2049 or email

Old timers

The Old Times of the Sugar Cree Astronomical Society Impeptu team will hold monthly sessions on the first Thursday night of June 2. The sessions include astronomy video and subsequent round table discussions. View time in parking lot if weather permits. The sessions begin at 6 p.m., 30 p.m., at 14070 Arkansas 279 at the beautiful Lutheran Church in Hawassa. These are welcome to all ages and are open to the public.



The Arkansas Founding Team will hold its 12th Annual Crawfish Bout at 5:00 pm on June 4 at the George Girma Lounge in Fayetteville. Meals include two pounds of crunch and $ 20 worth of repairs.

Live music by Maud Crawford.

All proceeds go to the Child Welfare Center. Tickets can be purchased in advance at or on the day of the event.

Information (479) 263-1964


Bella Vista Andante Music Club hosts the “Forest Taste” at 1500 Forest Hills Blvd at Highland Christian Church at 1 p.m. In Bella Vista. Members of the Opera from the Opera will present Arias from the 2022 season. Mozart’s “Cosi fan tutte”; Puchini “La Rondin”; And soundheim’s “Little Night Music” is this year’s presentation. Musicians’ reception follows performance.

The concert closes the 2021-22 season. Meetings continue September 6.

Contact information or email


Bella Vista Chapter 1547 National Active and Retired Federal Employees Meet at 10 am June 10 at First Community Bank 21196 US 71 South in Pineville, Mo., just like Walmart and McDonald’s. The speaker was Ray Matkovsky, who volunteered his spare time by donating bicycles to Pedal It Forward volunteers and distributing them to the needy. Bella Vista Blue Bird Association; And Bella Vista Flyers.

All existing and retired federal employees and their spouses are welcome.

Information nar

Major gardeners

Master gardeners are volunteers who share their knowledge of horticulture. In addition to the many public spaces projects around the county, during the summer months, major gardeners can often be found in various farmers markets in Benton County. You can answer questions about flowers or gardens and give encouragement to newcomers or former gardeners. There is free movement for children.

On June 4, the Center will visit the Farmers’ Market at 11507 Arkansas 72. They will be in Bella Vista in July. When you see the red tent, stop and say hello to the gardener.

Information (479) 531-3666

Funeral Society

Charity Mountain Comfort Grave Association held its annual meeting in April. The elected officers were Terry Davis, President of Bentonville; Donald Hatfield of Prairie Grove, Vice President; Peggy Hatfield Private Grove, Treasurer; Author of Whiteville Connie Hilian; And Carol Guist of Fayetteville, tomb historian.

Graves cost $ 500 each, and cemeteries have $ 100 left. The costs for 2022 will be more than $ 20,000. All members of the association are required to consider contributing tax deductions for maintenance. Members of the association hold the rights of the cemetery and / or relatives buried in the cemetery.

Decoration Day is May 29 and members of the association are on hand to receive donations for the annual maintenance from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm You can mail Mountain Comfort by mail. Fayetteville 72704.

Contact information (479) 755-3874 or email

Jean Visnich (Permanent), president of Bela Vista Woodcarvers Club, will assist Ernie Henckl with a project at a recent club meeting in Riordan Hall. The club is preparing for an art show at the Belarusta Convention of God Church, 1771 Forest Hills Blvd, from 9 am-4pm on June 10-11. Bella Vista Flying Tales Club will also perform in the Wood Show. Information def (NWA Democrat-Gazette / Bennett Horn)

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