CM Arvind looks at a project from Jericho Street

He expressed dissatisfaction with some of the development work done by people with disabilities, and instructed them to fill in the gaps by planting more trees and shrubs on the central square and along the sidewalk.

The Pedestrian Road Decoration Project is in 16 stages, one of which is the Rani Bag expansion, which will be completed by September. (Explain the photo by Shivam Kumar Jaha)

Deli Prime Minister Arvind Cage On Tuesday, British Chuck visited the Outer Ring Road Construction, one of 16 projects undergoing renovations on the European Roads under the AP Government Road Construction Project, which will be completed by September.

He complained about some development work done by the Public Works Department (PWD) and instructed them to fill in the gaps by planting more trees and shrubs on the central edge and sidewalk to make it look beautiful and prevent dust pollution.

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“Delhi has a wide range of roads in the country but I am not happy with the fruits and vegetables and the quality. I have directed the PwDs to improve it.

CMM Deputy CM and PWD Minister Manish Sicodia and senior officials with disabilities were present.

“The Delhi Government has a wide range of improvements to be made to beautify Delhi’s roads and facilitate smooth road travel. It is used to remodel European roads at a distance.

The 5-kilometer-long redevelopment project starts from British Chok to the outer ring road in West Inklav, Pitamura. A total of 2 km of this is being rebuilt as part of the pilot.

A total of 16 stretches of European roads around the city are divided into sidewalks, sidewalks, rickshaw parking lots, marked parking lots, green belts and bicycle lanes. Statues of freedom fighters are also being erected.

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