CM Disappointed with Horticultural Work Model Development | Daily News – Indian Times

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Arvind Kigerial on Tuesday visited a road near the British checkpoint in Pithampura, one of the 16 extensions being adjusted by the Department of Public Works at European standards. These pilot projects are scheduled to be completed in October.
“The government is going to build a 540-kilometer road network with modern services in the city.
Complaining about the quality of the plants along the road and at the central end, the CMA is distant and very small. He said the seedlings should be planted in the same way as dense trees on European roads.
The Delhi government said in a statement that it wanted to improve the height and quality of the plants. “He asked the authorities to plant tall and dense seedlings along the road and in the middle of the road to make them attractive,” he added.
CM Manish Sisodia, vice president of the GWual PWD portfolio, was accompanied by senior officials from the relevant departments. The redevelopment is part of a 5-kilometer stretch of road construction from the British Choke to the outer ring road, West Enclave, Pitamura and 2 km.
A.D. In November 2019, the Kigalial approved the redesign of some of the roads under the PwD. “He wanted to redesign the roads in Delhi to make them look more like the capitals of the developed countries. He said it would reduce traffic congestion by renovating roads and renovating roads.

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