CNN Post Long Report on Melania Trump’s Rose Garden – Only with Unknown Sources

CNN has published a long article defending the former First Lady Melania Trump Renovation of the White House Rose Garden, which includes only unknown quotes – even from gardeners.

Trump’s Ross Garden Renovation Burns Down This Week – One Year After Completion – NBC News Historian Michael Bashlos “The White House Rose garden inspection was completed a year ago this month, and here it was a tragic result – American history has been destroyed for decades,” he tweeted.

Melania Trump’s office, Bashloz, said: Rose Garden is a beautiful, colorful pink flower. His misleading information is a disgrace, and he should never be trusted as a professional historian.

On Saturday, CNN described the turmoil last year and Trump’s polarized views in an in-depth 1,300-word article on dust mites.

The article cites “someone who knows how to rejuvenate a rose garden” and describes what looks like a bloody gardening advice:

“The first year is asleep, the second year is trembling, and the third year is leaping. Everyone knows that.

Like three other interviewees, the man asked for anonymity to discuss Washington’s controversial Green Space plot.

“There is no way it can be done by the work done: ‘Ta-da! Here you are! ” This man said. To rebuild, “the whole garden had to be torn down.

And two other sources have requested anonymity in order to expose Rose’s garden statistics and facts. If the violence in the garden shows the polarization around Melania Trump, it will highlight the inability of a gardener to defend her name.

Is there any advice we need to know?


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