Co-Growing Horticultural Theater Workshop Now Sisters Free Hold Program

Sisters Freeroll announced that she had joined the Horticultural Theater Workshop.

Horticulture, which has served local writers since 2017, provides the safe haven, time and structure needed to bring new full-length plays to the world. Over the course of a year, they will join a team of drama writers, directors, and actors to support theater writers as they move from idea to script.

Abi Kadi, who will be the director of the Horticultural Theater Workshop in his new home, will share. Sisters share values, visions and Baltimore’s brilliant theatrical performances, and I look forward to working with many of our city’s greatest artists as a horticulture. “

The workshop will continue where it is, with the addition of a new opportunity from draft to the World Premier Bridge. Once launched, the Hot House will continue the Horticulture program as an extension, selecting specific plays from the team and ending with a production ready for a new game development process.

“Sisters Frihold wants to create a venue for Baltimore theater makers to grow up and vegetables and fruits have a proven track record. We both invest in opening up unique stories and interacting with artists. We sincerely believe in the benefits to our community, ”said Anne Turiano, Associate Artistic Director of Sister Freehol. “Basically,” said co-producer artist Makima Fryland, “Sisters Friholld will be a Peanut Butter Horticulture Workshop Jelly.”

A new round of application will be announced in the coming weeks at the Horticultural Theater Workshop. For more information, please visit purple

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