Cochrane development and helping hands have been shared by a number of garden parties

Cochrane development is a non-profit that seeks to connect and strengthen the community through food creation and livelihoods; Focused on the community greenhouse center.

They have recently partnered with Cochrane and the local Relief Society for a local food initiative.

Katherine Ratman is on the board of directors with Cultivate Cochrane and says she has seen opportunities to help with food security and reduce waste in the city.

“It’s gardening and harvest time and not everyone can eat 12 head salads in their backyard,” Ratman said. They are all ready at once.

Thus, Cultivate Cochrane reached out to local farmers and their communities to help spread the word about the food distribution.

Unfortunately, there are not many shops that accept domestic food donations, which further exacerbates food waste in the city.

“We can’t do that with other official organizations because they are very limited,” Ratman said. So we thought this was a great idea and hope to add some fresh produce in the fridge [at the food shed] By calling the gardeners, they will know that this is the case and if they have too much produce in their garden they will be happy to take it there and someone will use it.

The company has been hosting a series of garden parties at the food stall, next Thursday, August 26 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Ratman says they receive a plethora of garden donations as well as gardening tips and gardening stories.

“We talk to people and we answer their gardening questions and we see how everything went in smoke this year, they all talk a lot about their experiences in the garden this year.

If your garden is full of produce you can’t use, you can download it this Thursday at St. Andrew’s Church Church.

Ratman says developing cochlear always requires new members, you can find more information here.

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