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From the new Italian fenced garden, roads and bridges lead through the endless, beautiful Colebrock House, Blockley, and Gloucestershire Gardens. Tiffany Denf visited; Photographs by Jason Ingram.

In the garden behind Kolebrock’s house, one would not expect to find much in the 17th-century Cotswold-stone building. It will certainly be attractive (Blockle Village was the setting for the “Father Brown” series), with a narrow stream, Cole Band, running well in the front garden before suddenly disappearing into the ground. But no one expects the size of the garden or the series of emergencies behind the high walls.

Gardens are the result of influence, the most important place and the owners. In this way, they both work together to produce many exciting and completely unexpected results, the first of which is the newly built Italian garden from the roof to the Blokeley Band.

Cole Band Blockley went down to the mill to join Banda. Colebrock House, GlosterShire. © Jason Ingram

Along the way, and fed by the above-mentioned Col Brooke, this clear-running trough is why the village was a center of silk industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. It also leads to a garden that slides down from the house to the river and continues through two rural bridges that run straight to the opposite bank to the Trill.

“We love Italy very much and we had a great time at a beautiful hotel in the beautiful antenna in Tuscany, and we definitely wanted something in the walled garden,” says music producer George Apsion. Three years ago, Melissa, his wife of fashion and design, moved with her young family from London to Glochester.

In the new stages, a structure has been added to install a swimming pool on both sides and the beds have been laid out for further interpretation. Colebrock House, GlosterShire. © Jason Ingram

The Great Gardens was a place where Mr. Epicio grew up. “When I was in London, that disappeared and he woke up when we came here,” he said. Now, he is the driving force behind the idea of ​​gardening. Directed by local architect Todd Longstafe-Goa: Inspired by Apion Architect.

Mr. Longstafe-Goan recalls his first impressions: “Unusually down the slope.” There was nothing wrong with it. There were some incomplete gestures that needed some coordination. For that key, describe the steps that are now running on the top of the garden and join the marble-colored pebbles, the tarcota kiln, the house with lawns, a swimming pool and chicken coops.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Blockley Brooke, who supported the local silk industry, worked under the garden. The mill is only visible on the left. Colebrock House, GlosterShire. © Jason Ingram

It was also necessary to connect the garden with Blockley Brook, which is located on the best of the two bridges that lead to the exclusion of the block, and Mr. Apsion is planting wildflowers on a steep slope. Mature trees provide shade for the gob itor as well as the deep-flooded river and the brown trout, which straddles the threshold and the boundaries of the garden.

With these improvements, construction of a walled garden began. There are many people who will restore many old gardens, but there are a few who are precious in the vision to make such a new one. In the past, it was the garden that led to the river in a mass net network. This has been replaced by edges Alex Krenata And filled with cut flowers (incl Baptism ‘Dutch chocolate’, B. var Macrophages, Agrostma Gitago ‘Ocean Pearl’ and Penstemon (Boiled wine)), as well as herbs and vegetables. The beds are separated by gravel roads, reflecting the upper steps of the honeycomb and confirming the Italian influence.

The cool green undercover of Bacchus fern, Rogerscia, timber, and Japanese anemone accentuates the contrast with the sun-walled garden. Colebrock House, GlosterShire. © Jason Ingram

Mr. Longstafe-Goan, with a strong anticipation, the speeding units outside the center deliberately rise from the kit-shaped central beds in a formal manner. In the same way, it encourages gardeners to ‘cut it down a little’, so that nature takes its course, allowing the roses to fall off the wall at the end of the yard. Instead of putting fig blossoms on the grass in a straight line, he had Mr. Epicion forbid it.

“I’m trying to make the garden dense and magical,” and it’s full of contrasts. This is true. The first clue comes with a small round window on the right wall. Pedestrians rise through the bed of English roses and there, all of a sudden, when one falls into the banks of the Franks, one finds the world in a completely different shade of green where it explodes on rocks and rocks. This is Cole Bandar, who spilled out of sight at the foot of the hill. Steps follow the descent of the cob (reaching the top and bottom) and are guided by air-covered trees planted by Hart-tongue fern, sweetwood, rodgersia, cyclamen, Japanese anamo. Vinka ‘Gertrude Jacqueline’ and Solomon’s seal.

Colebrock House, GlosterShire. In the new Italian walled garden, several speed yeasts were arranged in the center to divide the formality. © Jason Ingram

Along with the good quality of the landscaping, the work of the Judgment Tree (much needed for pruning and cutting, as well as planting new specimens such as Lebanese cedar) provided the direction and meaning needed to move the garden forward. Step. Flower beds and borders have been re-established and those around the pool, such as Euphoria, Rosemary, Alex Krenata, pheasant grass, hoarseness and caryopteris.

Small indoor environments supported by this framework are easily accommodated. Swinging for children is done near an old strawberry, a small boat tied to a bank and just outside the garden.

The original construction may have been completed, but the ideas will continue to flow. 12 15ft this year alone Magnolia grandiflora They are installed behind a high yey fence in the backyard of the garden, and they think they will eventually be replaced. Mr. Epsion has views on the glass house, which can increase fruit and vegetable production as well as winter interest rates.

However, the last mention should go to the new area that will be developed in the garden. Here, next to Blockley Band, a sunlight marks the center of a crumbling grass field where one can sit on twisted stone benches surrounded by small bulbs, camassias, and finally a forest of foxes. His motivation? Tenniel caterpillar smoking hookah.

Colebrock House, Blockley, Glouceshire, NG –

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