Collaborate with CEO General Success for Success – Ideal for a Better World

As an industry enterprise, New Zealand wine producers are built on the premise that sometimes cooperating with businesses in our sector is reasonable.

That really leads to the question of when and where to cooperate. The answer to the question of New Zealand Wine Manufacturers (NZW) will help inform the scope and focus of our advocacy, marketing, research and sustainability activities.

However, our industry is not an island, and the issues we choose to cooperate with are of interest to other parties as well. With the collaboration of DNA, it makes sense to work with others who have common interests. As a result, NZW collaborates with other organizations on issues of mutual interest. For example, in labor issues, we work closely with Horticulture New Zealand, New Zealand Ethics Employers, Apple and Pierce New Zealand, Summer Fruit New Zealand, New Zealand Kiwiutut Grower and others. NZW is a member of the New Zealand International Trade Forum on New Zealand Trade, and we work with partners around the world on international wine trade in the United States, Australia, Canada, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and more. Wine Trading Group, and International Wine and Wine Enterprise. Our list of collaborations is long.

One of the most recent and important collaborations is the Food and Fiber Sector Roadmap Launched by the Prime Minister in July 2020. Suitable for a better world – accelerating our economic potential. The roadmap sets out three major goals for a more efficient, sustainable and inclusive economy over the next decade.

  • Productivity – $ 44 billion increase in primary sector exports over the next decade
  • Sustainability, reducing New Zealand biogenic methane emissions and restoring our freshwater environment.
  • Over the next four years, increase the sector by 10,000 and 10 percent by 2030.

The Food and Fiber Partnership Group (FFPG), which helps control the strategy, includes key sector chairpersons and executives, Maori agribusiness experts and government executives.

From a wine perspective, fitness is a very important and positive strategic motivation for a better world (or, as we call it, a better world of wine). Led by the Ministry of Industries (MPI), it provides a framework that influences thinking and decision-making, including the Ministry of Trade, Innovation and Employment, the Ministry of Environment and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. (Their CEOs are all FFPG members). It also reflects the strong input coming from the private sector.

Significant progress has been made in the first year of physical fitness to bring to life the aspirations of a better world. Process improvements are published in mid-year (see showing the first year of the strategy’s progress.

There is a very strong strategic alignment between initiative and the focus areas of our sector and NZW. While there are some areas that are not good for our industry (biogenic methane is a good example) in general, the issues that need our industry attention are central to the strategy. A few examples highlight this:

  • MPI recently released a report on water issues facing the primary sector. This report, published directly from Fit for a Better World, addresses some of the key issues facing our sector in the future. Makes interesting reading (see and-security).
  • We hope that growers and wineries will be aware of the proposed new Savivon Blanc Wine Improvement Research Program. This is a great initiative for the sector and is designed to build resilience to climate change – the strategic alignment with a better world body is clear.
  • Similarly, there is a great deal of focus on manpower issues in the strategy. Manpower supply and training are key issues for our industry in the short term. Provides a framework for understanding and supporting future action strategies that are relevant to a better world.

One year later, fitness began to prove its worth to our world. Therefore, we need ongoing support. From a hall and wine perspective, look at fitness for a better world strategy, and think about how you can bring that desire to life in your business.


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