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FE news channel on developing learning strategies and b # Future Education And # future work.

Since 2003, we have been a digital news site with a mix of textual articles, podcasts and videos providing reliable news and insights. Our specialty is bringing you the latest educational news mix, our position is always positive, sector building and thinking leaders share different perspectives and perspectives, come up with new ideas and solutions to bring the education sector together and come up with new creative solutions and ideas.

FE News publishes lifelong peer-to-peer articles by providing many of the most up-to-date news stories from our character authors, as well as more than 3,000 newscasts in our network of user-generated content in the education and employment sectors.

FE News also broadcasts live events, podcasts from leading experts and thought leaders, webinars, video interviews and additional educational news outlets so you can keep up to date with the latest developments. Skills News And in practical education, supplementary education and employment.

FE News has more than 200 articles and new content per week. With the development of the new education policy, we are a news channel that provides insights from recent strategies, from many sources, to our thinking leaders who provide a blue sky thinking strategy, best practices and creativity to help us see future developments. Future for education and work.

As of January 2021, according to Google Analytics, it had more than 173,000 unique visitors each week, from thought-provoking articles, to textbooks, podcasts, and videos, to the top 2,000 websites in the UK.

We thought it would be useful to explain how we rank our latest education news content and how you can get involved and how to read the latest daily news updates and understand our FE week content structure. ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ ግምገማ ከማስገባትዎ በፊት ይህን መተግበሪያ መጫን አለብዎት።

Main features

Our main characteristics are unique and are the leadership articles and the blue sky thinking of professionals who write news articles about the future of education and the future of work. The focus is on leadership thinking, sharing best practices, innovation and new strategies. These are often articles about the future education and future work, they often create news articles for the future. They often limit our main features to new concepts and new thought processes up to 20 per week. Our main features are also special articles for the latest educational news, perhaps from an expert to a policy announcement or an education thinking tank report or a white paper.

FE sounds

FE Votes was originally set up as part of FE News to vote for the sector. As we now have over 3,000 news outlets and contributors, FE votes are often thought-provoking leadership articles, they do not have to be unique, but they are often a little less important. FE sounds can include more mixed media with embedded podcasts and videos as well as additional educational news articles. Our Sectional Response Articles, which require a variety of comments and suggestions or respond to a white paper report for education policy announcements, are usually held in the FF section. If we have a live podcast tonight or a radio show like SkillsWorldLive, we will be posting the FE podcast recording in the FE Sounds section the next morning.

Sector News

In Sector News, we have a wide range of contributions from media outlets, educational resources, reports, educational research, and white papers. We have many positive educational news articles from colleges, organizations and training providers, DFA to tanks press releases with resources to help you deliver learning strategies to your students and students.


In FE News, we have many educational podcasts in the afternoon, full of FE podcasts such as SkillsWorldLive in collaboration with the Federation of Rewards, from experts and thought leaders to weekly podcasts, providing advice and guidance. FE News also records podcasts at conferences and events, and provides you with podcasts with education and skills on new strategies and developments.

How to compliment and modify Education 4.0 from Edtech Podcasts on F News: How to thank and change technology, how to prepare for podcasts, future work, and professional systems. For future interviews with the Minister of Training and Skills.

Working with special education news podcasts with industry leaders, we record our own unique FE news podcasts with partners such as FAB to create weekly podcasts and daily education podcasts.

Educational video interviews

FE News has over 700 FE video interviews and has been recording educational video interviews with professionals for over 12 years. These are often vox pop video interviews with experts in education and work, discussing ideas and perspectives on the future of the blue sky about education and work.


FE News has a free event calendar to keep up to date with the latest conferences, webinars and events to keep you up-to-date with the latest news and strategies.

FE news sections

If you are a contributor to FE Newsroom, your FE Newsroom content is home. It also allows the audience to develop and click on you as an individual or with your organization, and the ‘Box Collection’ helps you read all of your previous leadership articles, the latest educational newsletters, videos and educational podcasts.

Do you want to contribute, share your thoughts or vision or share a press release?

If you want to write an opinion piece, share your thoughts and vision for the future of your education or career, write a press release to share the latest educational news or contribute to a podcast, you first need to prepare FE Newsroom Introduction (free) – After the team approves your news section (all content , News sections all approved by FE News Team member – no robots used in this process!), Then you can start adding content (again all articles, videos and podcasts are approved by the FE News Editor Team before they start live on FE News). Once all news outlets and content have been approved by the FE News Team, there will be a slight delay in reviewing and approving content for the group.

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