Colorado Water Garden Association Holds Sale For Sale Hudson Garden will be open to the public on June 5 for four hours.

Although they live in a vast desert, many Southern Metro gardeners keep ponds in their backyard, water lilies, cannabis and more – and perhaps a few colorful fish.

So when the Colorado Water Garden Association sells, those gardeners find an Addis Ababa plant or a unique shape or colorful foliage.

CWGS will be open to the public on Sunday, June 5 at Hudson Gardens (near the business office) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

At 6115 S. Santa Fe Drive, Littleton parking is free and one can enter the yard from the driveway and head north to the mall. Admission is free and the gardens are open until noon.

According to CWGS promoter Jim Arnell, one of the most knowledgeable staff, there are tropical water lilies, hardy water lilies, lotus, cannabis, taro, water iris and many other marine plants. And he will be ready to talk about different plants and how to care for them.

He said there will be fertilizer tablets for sale.

Colorado Water Garden Association welcomes new members. A.D. It began in 1983 with a class in the Denver Botanic Garden, after a few organizational issues were resolved. The first plant sale took place in 1985, and member programs began in the local gardens. A.D. In 1987, CWGS launched an endowment fund for plant collection and other expenses in the Denver Botanical Garden and hosted the CWGS and the International Water Lily Society International Symposium. A.D. In 1986, CWGS was invited to appear at the annual Colorado Paradise and Home Show.

The May 1990 issue of Horticulture magazine recognized the Rocky Mountain community and water gardening.

Members of the community volunteered to work with the Denver Botanic Gardens underwater and the Lily Pools at Hudson Gardens in Little Lilton and to restore the Denver City Water Lily Ponds.

Both beautiful parks are open to the public free of charge and provide a great place for family vacations, attractions for all ages. Perfect for a family weekend getaway or vacation with Aunt Minnie, Cincinnati.

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