Comment: You can make five changes to guide your children to a green life

To quote Mark Twain: “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.

Well, when it comes to our climate, the sad truth is that as a species, people are changing the most common in terms of weather patterns – but sadly, not in a planned or positive way.

We they have To do something about it.

I was determined to start developing a new center in Port Arlington as a model of how to live a green life. I try to make a difference and lead by example. I have spent ሚሊዮን 2 million to renovate the abandoned metal work in my hometown for a new green light.

The four-hectare outdoor plant and food zone is made up entirely of end-of-life 40ft containers. From the kitchens, the seating area, the toilets and the 13-meter-high light tower, everything is made of improved materials. I am very proud of the fact that there is only one garbage dump for the whole building. Of course, everything was reused.

The green theme at SOLAS Central Education and Training Programs, designed specifically for children, is designed to enable them to make daily changes in their lives and in their gardens.

I want to encourage and encourage children to make the effort to lead a green life. Small, individual, and consistent actions contribute to a truly meaningful change.

For decades, we have seen unprecedented levels of carbon dioxide emissions, and we are witnessing unprecedented consequences of our immediate atmospheric tests in terms of floods, fires, and droughts.

I truly believe that living a selfish and irresponsible life like Scrooge is only a trailer for the future, with warnings of what this ‘future climate’ will bring.

My optimism is not so much, we need to change our ways, but our deliberate blindness to the truth cannot be easily ignored – climate change is here, man-made, and can we hope to mitigate the negative consequences of just changing our ways?

But where to start? ‘What can a young person do?’ The truth may not be so much, but we at least have a moral responsibility to make sure we are part of the solution rather than part of the problem – at least we owe it to future generations.

Here are five things you can teach your children that will make a difference

1. Develop your food waste and green vegetable waste

Food waste accounts for 8 percent of global carbon emissions, compared to just over 2 percent of the airline industry. So reduce food waste by shopping regularly and buying only what you need.

In addition to reducing waste, be sure to transfer food and vegetable waste from landfills to fertilizer. Reinforcement is simple, effective and can be used to grow soil or organic vegetables.

2. Chickens – Turn food waste into eggs

This is the most fun and rewarding thing you can do for your backyard garden. Chickens are cheap to buy. Although you only see chickens in the supermarket about seven weeks ago, chickens will be 7-10 years old and will happily give you eggs for the first 5-7 years.

3. Grow your own vegetables

Growing and eating fresh herbs, salads and vegetables is a great way to pass on skills to your children, save money and learn to adapt to the natural environment.

There is no need to worry about air miles when you can dig spawns in your own backyard garden. By investing in glass houses, you can extend the salad season by up to 12 months a year, and allow you to serve fresh potatoes for Christmas.

4. Grow Irish wildflower seeds

Encourage wildlife (especially bees) to your garden by donating your garden or area to local Irish wildflowers. Not only does this support bio-diversity, but it also provides a wonderful color palette in your garden and saves a significant amount of energy in the wildflowers and during the autumn weeding without the need for grass.

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5. Teach your children to choose the right path

Actions speak louder than words, so reflect and make the green decision before jumping on a zero-carbon tax flight to spend the weekend in Spain. You should not hesitate to set aside road space to increase walking, cycling and public transportation. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled into believing that global warming is not happening, or ask someone to change their ways so that they can continue.

Actions have consequences, and people should at least try to lead by example, even if it is difficult.

The SOLAS Eco Garden Shop opened in May 2021 in Port Arlington, Co Laos as an eco garden and food destination. Solas hosts farmers’ markets every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The upcoming eco training courses can be found at

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