Community Garden ‘Winner’ Wins Golden Kernel Awards – Short on Apon, Apon Lake and North Regville

North Ridgeville, Ohio

On the first night of the 46th annual North Ridville Corn Festival, rain / storms did not diminish the spirits and joy of many who attended the annual event from August 13-15.

President of the Northern Ridgeville Corn Festival John Butkowski, Cornell Corn, Poppe Corn, Candy Core and Leo Hill (2021 Golden Corner Winner).

The Covide-19 epidemic forced cancer last year, and it was worth it to wait for the cancer to resume this year’s event. The festival is always bringing the community closer together and supporting the environment. Even a plague (or rain) would not cancel that mission.

First of all, I want to make a big shout out to the organizers, volunteers and city officials who made the big event. Some people have complained on social media that there are no vacations and other activities at this year’s event. I am confident that the Corn Festival Committee will accept your volunteer service to plan for next year. Within a few months, the organizers were able to leave.

John Butkowski, president of the Corn Festival, began by thanking the community volunteers who came together to contribute. He thanked the many sponsors for their cooperation and encouraged the community to support local businesses.

The opening ceremony is a highlight of the Gold Cornel Award. This year’s award went to Leo Hill, a resident of North Ridville.

Hill served in the United States during the Vietnam War and was wounded during the Great Depression. Purple Heart Receiver continues to consult and assist veterans as lawyers. He is an active member of the VFW and Purple Hearts Association and lives in and around Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

His contribution to the community includes his involvement with the North Rivville Community Garden Project. The park is located at Alternate State Road 83 (near the Ohio 10 exit) near Chestno Ridge Road. Hill has been an “official caretaker” for the past 10 years since its inception. Recently, he has worked to clean up a lot of parking spaces, create a garden for gardeners, and find a nest for storing garden tools. Every year a garden is planted and the produce is taken care of by the Northern Region community. He also worked with another gardener in the community garden to raise bees to help with pollen. Congratulations, Mr. Hill. You deserve more than the Golden Globe. Thank you for everything you do in the community.


Stadium name change; Avon Local Schools Joe Fairment Chevrolet Stadium (behind Stone Ridge Road behind the Avon Early Learning Center) is now called Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet Stadium.

As reported last month, actor, producer and businessman Mark Wahlberg; He acquired Joe Fremont Chevrolet (37995 Chester Road, Apon) with a business partner, veteran automotive distributor J. Feldman, and named it after Mark Walberg Chevrolet.

“The new owners want to think about sponsorship and everything we do in the community,” said Jim Firment, former owner and president of Joe Fremont Chevrolet. They plan to provide the same support to the community as we do.

Feldman’s team is working well on that promise. One of the most visible sponsors is the name of the stadium behind the Awning Center on Stone Ridge Road. The former Joe Fairment Chevrolet Stadium is now known as Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet Stadium.

The Board of Education last week approved the naming rights and contribution agreement. Under the five-year agreement, the distributor will pay an initial $ 5,000 for logo changes, $ 25,000 annually, and an additional $ 5,000 annually for the Avan Performance Arts Program through 2025.

The agreement states that Mark Wahlberg Chevrolett “shall have the right to receive the name of the stadium in all advertisements, media, game programs, tokens, game tickets, school websites and to identify or promote the stadium or stadium events.”

Mark Wahlberg’s Chevrolet Stadium is expected to be unveiled in the next few weeks.

New clothing / design store coming: GV Art + Design will open its fourth storefront on 35516 Detroit Road (opposite the Melt Bar and Grill). The grand opening is scheduled for September 4.

According to information posted on the GV Art + Design website, the company is “an innovative boutique specializing in art and design. We had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. In addition to the original work of art, our services include everything from printing and web design, logos, photography and clothing. GV Art + Design offers what no one else in the world can do: Original one-of-a-kind pop art on Etch A Sketch, which has the world’s attention.

Go to for more information.

Republican breakfast; Enjoy Breakfast at the 8field Village Square on Sept. 1 at Sugar Creek Restaurant, 5196 Detroit Road (corner of Detroit and Father Roads) and meet your Republican friends. There is no agenda, but ideas about current events with free-thinking conservatives. Future meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month to help you get acquainted with Republicans. Each participant is responsible for their food. Supported by the Apon-Apon Lake Republican Club. RSVP to Tomie Patton by August 30 at

Construction update; Reconstruction of Jacox Road north of Chester Road, as well as the east end of Kinzel Road (up to Government Road 83 intersection) will begin this week. If traveling in the area, plan an alternative route and / or use caution.

Aven Lake

Masks back; Mayor Greg Zilka recently announced the need for a mask for staff / visitors in the city building. The general rule is that employees should not wear masks if they are in the office themselves. If someone else enters, masks are needed.

Trash available: Kimball Service has donated four rubbish bins to residents to remove items damaged by a recent hurricane. The rubbish bins are located at the Avon Lake Service Garage, 750 Avon Belden Road, and remain open until morning. On-site cameras are used to monitor the station. People who remove inappropriate materials will be monitored. The Avon Lake Police Department also oversees the station.

Garbage cans do not use hazardous materials or paint. Hazardous materials and paint can be taken to Lauren County Collection Center, 540 South Abe Street, Elia.

Duck derby; A new city event, the Duck-N-Donat Derby, will be held on September 4, 8:30 at the Ellen Trivanovich Water Center, 32850 Electric Blade. The first race begins at 9:00 am Free donuts are available, and supplies are available. A limited number of ducks (500) are available for purchase. Winners of each qualifying heat will receive a place in the championship. Champions runners will have the chance to win the grand prize, four seasons of the 2022 pool.

Go to for more information or to buy ducks.

Large trucks have been deleted The annual large truck event scheduled for September 18 has been canceled. City officials made a tough decision last week to cancel the event. There is information in the press release that the cancellation has been added to COVID-19 and other issues in our area and will be raised in the coming months. The city has returned to COVID-19 protocols for wearing masks and maintaining proper distances. Education focuses on the main purpose of large trucks for young children and older adults. These people are very vulnerable to the virus and we cannot support large gatherings at this time, as stated in the press release.

Save the day as the next big trucks are scheduled for September 17, 2022.

Bu in the woods; Each year, Bu welcomes hundreds of children and families into the woods, filled with streets, stories, and treats in the trunk-or-medical area of ​​Lake Avan Public Library. The event will take place on October 16.

Businesses and organizations can participate in the trunk-or-medical environment for free by filling out an application. For more information, go to, or email


School open house; The North Ridgeville Historical Society will host an open house from both the Old Town Hall Museum and the District # 9 School from August 2 to 29 p.m. In honor of 9/11, the North Rivville Security Forces exhibition was held at the Old Town Hall with the Police Department at the Old Town Hall Museum and the fire station near the Fire Museum. Both classes have a rich history that attracts visitors of all ages. The old town hall is located at 36119 Ridge Road.

District # 9 School, 5064 Jaycox Road, was built in 1859 and is one of the first classrooms in North Ridville. The historic community has restored the building to its original purpose: a place to visit and share knowledge with visitors.

New Director: The new is Emily Locke, Director of Senior Adults. She gradually took control of the senior center, which she had begun to return to normal. Upcoming Activities On August 31, at 10:00 am, a group of marchers will meet at the Elderly Center. Sept. 1, watercolors at 9:30 p.m. Blood pressure test at 10 p.m. Bingo will be open from 10:30 a.m. to noon, and Kansas will be open for public activities from 1 a.m. to 2 p.m. Go to for more information.

Office hours; State Representative Gaile Manning and Mayor Kevin Corcon will hold an office clock on August 30 from 4:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

“It is a good opportunity for election officials to meet with their elected officials and share their views on the most important issues,” Manning said in a statement.

Hall of Fame Candidates Lake Ridge Academy Community members are encouraged to select the appropriate person for Lake Ridge Academy’s famous hall. He nominated a person who excelled at Lake Ridge Academy and whose connections have had a positive impact on the school community and others.

Candidate deadline is September 3. Winners will be celebrated at the auction in November. Go to to nominate someone.

Eyeglasses, food packages The community is invited to download the used spectacles at the North Regville Library, 35700 Bynbridge Road from now until September 25. Food donations can also be made in the library to support North Rivville community care. The most important items are peanut butter, jelly, canned tuna, pasta, pasta soup, mac and cheese, toiletries and household items. The collections are sponsored by the Lions Club.

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