Community performances celebrate the best of spring.


The Lawson Horticultural Society late Spring Show On November 6, roses, irises and rhododendrons were presented, and here are the results of that glorious display. McKay Permanent Cup – Medium Winner: Mark Hardy Grand Champion Rose Winner: Peter & amp; Sue Zeeman Flower Name: “Mon Cherie” Reserve Champion Rose Winner: M. & amp; T. Squires Flower Name: “Sorry” Best Flower in the Open Rose Room: Peter & amp; Sue Zeman’s flower name “Mon Cherry” Best Flower Winner in the Middle Rose Room Best Holder of Little Roses Winner Peter Peter & amp; Sue Zeman Sister XAVIER Incentive Award – Best Exhibition for the Multi-Points Exhibition in the Beginning Rose Class Winner Freer McCormick Best Exhibition Certificates Pink – Winner Sue Love Best Exhibition Red – Winner Rege Peter & amp; Sue Zeeman Flower Name: “Cardinal” Best Exhibition Yellow, Gold or Buff Shades – Winner: Peter & amp; Sue Zeeman Flower Name: “Grandma Dixon” Best Exhibition White or Cream – Winner: Peter & amp; Sue Zeeman Flower Name: “Frances Phoebe” Best Exhibition Any Other Color – Winner: Peter & amp; Sue Zeeman Flower Name: “Only Joy” Best Tree Ornament Rose Winner: Peter & amp; Sue Zeeman Flower Name:. Winner of “Only Joy” Best Trunk Cluster Roses: Peter & amp; Sue Zeeman Flower Name: “Pleasure” Best Old Heritage, Shrub & amp; Species Winner: Su Love Best David Austin Rose Winner: Pauline Torrents Grand Champion IRIS Winner: Noel Button Best Open Iris Winner: Noel Button Best Medium Iris Winner: Su Love Flower Name: White & amp; blue plicata Best Beginner Iris Winner Deleting Bill Bailey Flower Name Colle “Pink Head” Beard Winner Other Best Iris Reve Noel Button Flower Name Iris Bulbus Best Exhibition Cards Best Beard Iris, Amona – Winner Reporter Noel Key Best Beard Iris, Plecata – Winner. : Noel Key Best Beard Iris, Varigata – Winner: Noel Key Best Beard Iris, Double-Winner: Noel Key Best Beard Iris, White or Yellow – Winner: Noel Key Best Beard Iris, Blue or Purple Shades – Winner: Su . Love Best Beard Iris, Apricot, Orange or Pink Shades – Winner Reve Noel Key Other than Beard Iris – Winner Reel Noel Key Best Beard Iris Floret – Winner Crash Noel Key Grand Champions Rhodonron Winner Reg Noel Key Best Open Rhododendron Win Noel Key BEST MIDDLE RODONDONON WINNER: Rosie McCulloch Best Beginner RHODODENDRON WINNER: Erica Maxwell Flower Name: “Flower Dance” Best AZALEA Winner: Gail Carroll Flower Name: “House Bush” Best Show, Open Cut Flowers Winner: Stephanie & amp; Error Emulch Flower Name Lite Paeonies Best Exhibition, Medium Cut Flower Winner Vicky McCormack Flower Name Writing Mixed Flowers Best Show, Australian Native Plant Winner Rosemary Verbeten Flower Name Cot Ozotanus Ledipolius Jordan Winner Name Cree Jordan Flower Winner Lewisias BEST CLEMATIS Win Jordan Best Show for 3 Flowers, Same Color, Variety – Open to All 1st: Stephanie & amp; Error’s 2nd Pauline Torrents Best Show – Leaf Winner Reel Noel Button Plant Name Host Host Best Show – Flower Writing Noel Key Best Show – Cactus / Successful Win Louise Best Exhibition Medium Name Winner Multi Multiplayer Succulents Long Beans 1st Reign Warren Prefer 2nd fall Noel Key Junior Long Bean 1st Releasing Cody Rigby 2nd Release Erin Rigbi School Long Bean 1st Receive 5/6 Grade Evandale Primary OPEN JOAN WARD TROPHY Marie Donald Donald 2nd Princess Sarah Katarzinsky Diagonal 1st Deprivation Rosie Makulag 2nd Rebate Sarah Katzinsky Copper Gloss 1st Writing Gail Carroll 2nd Rebate Rosie Makulah Medium Flower Arts is an excellent media highlight. Art. Winner Alice Emlach for the warmer and sunflower roses Warm and sunflower 1st drought Alice Emlach 2nd dri Susan Bulock Thank you very much Jannine Walker Christmas in a box. Betty Grace Amateur Flower Art Class Class Winner Grail Calvert for Regular Diagonal Line Roses in the Kitchen 1st Sherry Calvert 2nd Rew Su Love Diagline 1st Definition Cheryl Calvert Best Performance in All Kids Class Winner Alex Bulock for Free Two Roses and Sprouts 6 years and Under one cup of flowers 1 ዳር ዳር ዳር ዳር ዳር ዳር ዳር ፡ ፡ ሊ ሊ ሊ ሊ ሊ ሊ ሊ ሊ ሊ ሊ ሊ ሊ ገና ሰራ ገና ገና ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ሰራ ገና ገና ገና ገና 1st Poetry Maisie Swift 2nd Piece Mabel Skinner 11-14 Years Christmas Seat Topiari 1st Picks Alex Bulock 2nd Liberation

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