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(Lander, Y) – Graduation Ceremony was held on August 22 for the new community prayer garden built at Lead Lane between St. Rosary Catholic Church and Wyoming Catholic College residence halls.

Rosary Garden was created in To commemorate Christine Allen, a WCC student who died in 2013. It is open to the public and parents, Andy and Debbie encourage the community to visit more often.

County 10 Photo – Allan Family

Christina passed away on a rocky outcrop near Moab, where she and her family were traveling from Lander to California after graduating from high school.

County 10 Photo – Rosary Garden Graduation Ceremony

The 2014 WCC Unit donated a statue of St. Theresa ‘in the hope that it would one day be part of Rosary’s walk. The 2016 Christine class has dedicated its place to the college’s memorial benches and to rank and place the first stones for the walk.

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The site was donated by the church, and two local businesses, the Bukaya Greenhouse and the Eagle Bronze Foundation, contributed.

County 10 Photo – Allen with donors Sprouts Greenhouse & Eagle Bronze Foundry

Griff Spruce, owner of Spruce Greenhouse, came up with this garden project last summer to create a sanctuary for everyone to go to.

Grifff wanted to share this with the community, so he partnered with Allen, who spends most of his money on the project. They worked hand in hand to make this vision a reality.

This is a community-friendly place for children, he said. A place for meditation and contemplation.

With tight deadlines and a few hurdles, they are still able to complete this deer-guarded garden on time for Sunday graduation.

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Years ago, eagle bronze founders in Lander, Monte, and Verver Padfordford had promised to donate a skull to the college, but it has fallen by the wayside over the years. Rosary rekindled his garden promise.

Beverly handed over a bronze statue to the county: “We were really happy.

Allen chose the statue of Mary standing in the garden. Beverly created two statues of Mary, one standing and one sitting. Both can be seen in prayer gardens in the United States and Canada.

“I am honored to be a part of it,” Beverly said. “I think it is a wonderful contribution to our entire community and I encourage followers of all faiths to go there. It is a beautiful setting and a quiet place for prayer. ”

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In the Rosary Garden, the statue of Mary is officially named “Our Lady of Wisdom.”

The eagle also adorned the stones on the sidewalk carved by Jacob Foster.

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Rosary’s garden continues to grow and expand. Allen shared that the gazebo may even be in the future.

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