CoMoGives launches 8th campaign for ‘grand online shopping’

CoMoGives launched its annual online fundraising campaign on Tuesday in support of 148 highly influential nonprofits in Central Missouri.

John Baker, executive director of the Central Missouri Community Foundation, said: “People may feel confident to donate to these organizations, knowing that their money will be used.”

According to the CoMoGives website, people can donate entirely to one organization or choose to divide their contribution among many. The goal is to raise $ 1,250,000 by December 31st. Administered by the Community Foundation. Central Missouri And it has helped hundreds of nonprofits raise money over the past eight years.

There seem to be six more organizations joining the campaign this year, but there are actually about 30 new groups.

“We have organizations that are released every year and we have new organizations every year,” Baker said.

“Sometimes companies go out of business,” he said. “We found two of these because of the epidemic. At the end of the year, they realized they had other ways of raising money that were more important than CoMoGives. People should not be involved in the campaign every year but we have many organizations in the campaign every year because they enjoy their participation.

All proceeds go directly to participating organizations, excluding credit card payments. All donations are tax deductible, and donors will receive an automatic email receipt for each CoMoGives transaction.

“Donors can feel good about knowing that their 100% gift goes to the organization of their choice by reducing the minimum credit card processing fee,” Baker said.

According to the campaign’s Facebook page last year, the results are as follows:

  • 35,000 pounds of fresh produce.

350 pairs of shoes purchased for low-income public school students.

  • 3,374 meals were provided to the elderly.
  • 500 Nights Safe, emergency shelter provided for domestic and sexual survivors.
  • 144 Houses New, Affordable Living Room.

According to the CoMoGives website, there are ways to help without having to donate money. People are encouraged to make “time and talent promises” by sharing and communicating with social media posts, organizing donations or making online peer fundraisers.

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