Confetti for One Reason – Doom Orange to honor the children of the late broker’s agent Matt Willowbin – Breaking News

Columbus, Ohio – Dumen Orange celebrates the memory of Matt Willowby, the late longtime broker who passed away earlier this year by his wife, Jennifer, and their three children, Samuel, Mason and Conner.

Confetti Garden® Bloomtastic Summer Solstice Mix Bloomtastic Rose Quartz, Bloomtastic Yellow and Bloomtastic Pink Flare. These three species of bluetooth calibrachoa are the most heat-resistant caliber on the market today and were popular with the famous southern plants. Excessive flowering boasts a special floral bouquet, and the long-stemmed flower stays strong even during the Willowby experiment.

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The proceeds from each sale of the Confetti Garden® Bloomtastic Summer Solstice will benefit Willow’s surviving children. He is a well-known and respected botanist in the horticulture industry, having worked for Vegan Gardening and before that. A college fund has been set up for the teens and a portion of all of this special combined sales will be donated.

Please contact your preferred broker representative for more details on how to add a Confetti Garden® Bloomtastic Summer Solstice combination to your gardening list.

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