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Connecticut Naugatuk Valley Community College (NCC) is offering a major online experimental cannabis farming course this fall. This course focuses on soil, plant biology, plant nutrition, pest management, and harvest.

Connecticut lawmakers approve cannabis legal amendments in June and sections of lawIncluding use and propertyEffective July 1.

“Improving cannabis cultivation techniques and science is important,” said Christopher J. Tucio, a horticultural professor at the NVCC STEM and co-ordinator of horticulture.

I am very happy to add such new, varied course offerings to our NVCC fruit and vegetable education system. This is a growing field in the industry. It would be good for students to learn about the future of this field.Tuciyo in a press release

NVCC is the only community college in Connecticut that offers gardening.

Connecticut Valley Community College (QVCC) launches certification program in cannabis studies last yearThe first in the state to present the track. That program includes courses in alternative medicine, herbal, business and communications. While the program offers fruits and vegetables, QVCC does not offer an independent horticultural degree program.

Students enrolled in the QVCC Cannabis Study Program study the legal challenges of cannabis cultivation, production and consumer use; Cannabis development techniques and cannabinoid extraction processes; Agricultural economics; Government regulations and laws affecting small businesses; And develop opportunities in Western and alternative medicine and medicine.

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