Conro / Lake Conro Chamber of Commerce – Bridgewood Farms Sunday Fund Seating

August 19, 2021

Montgomery County, TX (August 19, 2021) – It was difficult to find funding for local NGOs everywhere during VV. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the annual “180 Minutes” wine production for 2020 and 2021, with more money being spent on programs than on Broadwood farms and their customers.

Bridgewood Farms serves individuals with disabilities in both the day program and the residential program. A.D. Founded in 1967, Bridgewood Farms aims to provide programs and services to enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to reach their full potential through self-esteem training and life experiences. Bridgewood farms provide opportunities for teenagers and adults to lead healthy and productive lives.

With so many events taking place around us now, Bridgewood Farms wanted to help with operational costs and create an easy and fun way for individuals to practice local Downtown Conro businesses. On Sunday, Funday Stroll (BWF) was used to enjoy the day in a non-daily environment as they explored new locations in downtown Conro.

On Sunday, September 19, at 2-5 p.m., you will enjoy wine, special cocktails and beer at the Conroe Center in downtown Conro. Tastings will be available at BE Winery, The Ferm Meadery, The Corner Pub, 202 Main and The Red Brick Tavern. Bernhart Windiri and Lalano Istakado wines are served in one place.

Each tasting site highlights one of the 5 programs offered at Bridgewood Farms: Adult Continuing Education, Ceramics / Creative Arts, Pre-Vocational Training, Health and Physical Education and Gardening. On Sundays, customers and families will be on hand to learn about the many fun and educational programs they can attend while participating in the Bridwood Farms.

An entry-level desk will be set up at Simonton for those who have paid a $ 50 tasting fee until September 17 to pick up wrists and maps during the event. Tickets are available for an additional $ 10 during the event. As the audience travels for 2 tastes, each place will receive a stamp on the map. At the end of the tasting tour, attendees return the maps to the registration table to receive a custom-made wine glass and special wine.
Brownli Jewelry offers a quiet auction of unique handmade items made by intellectually and developmentally discerning customers. Branding Metal Customs will accommodate a winery ($ 25 each). The main street vendors will be open and 20% of all purchases will be returned to BFF during the event.

Explore the taste of cake at the Vernele New Orleans bakery and cafe, and enjoy special cocktails at 202. Honorable Cafe shares food samples in many places. Three food trucks will be parked in Simonton, on the mainland, 202 main parking lot, and on the main street in front of the courthouse. Certified food trucks participating include Brandon Barbeque and French Corner with sweet and salty crepes.

All proceeds from the event will go back to purchasing supplies and educational materials for programs offered by Breedwood Farms. If you are interested in sponsoring the event or buying tickets, follow this link

Sponsors include the Bridgewood Farms Board of Directors, Bridgewood Farms Friends, Quest Engineering, Cannon Custom Homes, Pat and Steve Sendelbach, Steve Briggs Family, Mary and Tom Krolczyk, Troy Construction and Brownlee Jewelers.

Andy Goodman, general manager of Broadwood Farms, enjoys sharing information about the 54-year-old agency in the community.. “It is safe to say that much has changed in Bridwood Farms since last year. Although circumstances have hampered our fundraising efforts, it has also revealed new opportunities in downtown Conro, such as next Sunday’s fundraiser. Our special activities in these wonderful places. I am so excited to share and show off all of our daily programs and my special friends at Bridwood Farms!

Everyone has the right to be unique. Bridgewood Farms is a place of happiness, peer pressure, and a new sense of freedom to improve the quality of life for customers.

Bridgewood Farms is located on 53 acres, serving clients through daily programs, pre-vocational programs and other social, safety and education programs to promote self-esteem and personal freedom. Donations are tax deductible and critical to the operating budget. At 11680 Rose Road I Conroe, visitors can make an appointment to visit or receive services for volunteers. Learn more about Bridgewood Farms by visiting their website Or follow them on Facebook


This press release was prepared by the Conro / Lake Conro Chamber of Commerce. The views expressed herein are those of the author.

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