Consider adding a light string to your garden decor

What a glorious night the moon shines in our garden or in our outdoor living space. These moments are magical and memorable and often provide enough light for us to see. But what if you want to have a guest for an outdoor dinner and the moon does not rise? It is a good place to think of ways to brighten up your garden, orchards or deck by encouraging a growing number of people to enjoy the outdoors, and to encourage people outside the VV-19.

This work can be expensive or you can do it on a shoe budget. There are many creative ways to make your yard, leisure and space ideal.

Even in daylight, one of the lights adds to the beauty of the outdoors.

We had a beautiful porch, but it was always dark at night. Over the years, I have tried many things to make the environment more profitable. First, I hung stars on a vine and a Christmas tree. They looked festive, but they did not give much light. I use a lot of short ballots and long candles, but here, too, this is not enough. As people get older, I need more light to see and I know I need more light if I have a guest to eat outside comfortably.

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