Construction could delay our lers to the UW game

According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, those planning to travel to Larami University for their first home soccer match this weekend must avoid the following construction delays.

In Larami:

  • Workers will continue to work on Interstate 80 between Curtis Street and Third Street Markets (Mile Markers 310-313).
  • Employees have some finishing work to do between 21 on U.S. Highway 30 / Grand AvenueSt And 30Th Roads, traffic control removed for game day.
  • The city of Larami and the University of Wyoming have ongoing construction projects in different parts of the city.

Between Rawns and Larami –

  • Work will continue on I-80 between mile markers 221-291 or Sinclair, east of Rawlin, west of Larami, near the Kuwall Dome.
  • Fort Steele, to the east of Sinclair, is still closed.

Between Chayen and Larami: Construction-related delays are not expected.

Between Casper and Larmi

  • Reconstruction of the bridge will continue on Wyoming Highway 487 near Pharmacy Bowl, near Bosler, and on U.S. Wing Highway 34, 30/287.
  • Other construction works at Interstate 25, south of Casper.

While some fans may not have to worry about heavy construction on their way to the Memorial Stadium, drivers should always be alert to avoid changing circumstances or avoid driving.

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