Cornell Ag relationship – Farmers markets are booming

During my years of extension, one of my (self-proclaimed) missions was to support local farms and producers and to increase consumer access, to appreciate local, fresh, sustainable food and products, and to develop farmers’ markets in local communities as flexible meeting places. That mission will continue.

There is something for everyone in our farmers’ markets. They are the places where you can buy local products that are usually produced that morning at an affordable price. And many local markets also include herbs and spices, local grass-fed and finished meats, free poultry and eggs, delicious local maple syrup and honey, homemade pastries, jams, jellies, cheese, snacks, fruit juices, wines and drinks. , Bed bugs, body and health care products, and much more. So before you head to your grocery store for the next trip, consider moving to a nearby grocery store instead. And enjoy the grace of the season.

We are fortunate to have such easily available locally produced food, as well as vegetable, health-based and handicraft products. And when market managers work to ensure a consistent supply of goods, you can confidently shop in your local farmers market.

Our free producers care about their land, their animals, and the quality of the food they sell. They sell what they eat. And because they are sold directly to us, we can buy the very short supply chain, helping our neighbors and friends grow their food while they grow our food. We meet them, ask questions, give feedback and share recipes, gardening tips and ideas.

In addition, there are local craftsmen and artisans who offer their favorite and unique products. If you are looking for a special gift (for example, fine wine, craft beers, beautiful jewelry, well-made wooden furniture or handicrafts, custom blankets, sweaters and gloves, delicious crafts, books, candles, floral arrangements and more) (Central parts), locally made, handicraft purchase is a wonderful option.

Strengthening local economies

It can determine exactly how and where we choose whether or not we can strengthen our local economy by creating more prosperous communities. Or it limits the opportunities for small business growth and development that can only be used to destroy local economies over time. Buying from local small businesses supports the domestic industry and the community. He says we recognize that buying from the smallest people in the area, where economic development flourishes and grows, and where products come from local farmers, artists and artisans.

The need for entrepreneurship and home-based small business development cannot be overstated by stabilizing and mobilizing communities struggling with chronic poverty. Entrepreneurship fuels economic innovation and prosperity. And small, local businesses are a hallmark of a small town, village or town, making it more attractive not only to residents but also to tourists and visitors who enjoy a more enjoyable and memorable experience. hold on.

It may be less

There was no COVID-19 issue this year. But last year, as fears of a worsening epidemic grew and all unnecessary businesses were shut down in New York State, farmers’ markets were liberated as necessary retail trade, and, as such, they were allowed to open or open. Nevertheless, like many other small business operators, marketers, gardeners and managers, they are rushing to come up with innovative emergency plans to improve their jobs and livelihoods, as well as to provide health and safety solutions. Their customers, their marketing staff and the community at large.

Many Adrondik Harvest Member-Farms took immediate action to launch online ordering systems and driving services. What emerged was the online marketplace and the farmers market driving; Saranak Lake Farmers Park-It. It is a wonderful example of how creative, rich and patient our agricultural entrepreneurs and market managers can be.

It also shows how small it really is. Focusing on the environment allows these traders to respond quickly to emergencies and implement innovative market management practices, fully rethink their business model, rethink their organizational practices or rebuild complex supply chains, closing the global food service sector to farmers across the country and around the world. He barred them from marketing their products around.


Aderonk Harvest is a community-based local food and agricultural promotion and development program for Cornell Cooperative Expansion (CCE), which is committed to small, sustainable farming and focuses on developing and expanding local agricultural-fresh produce markets. . More information is available at online at Adirondack Harvest Farmers Market in Northern New York.

This year, the annual Adirondk Harvest Festival is being held as an open field week, with events taking place daily from September 13 to September 19 in upstate New York. More information, including a detailed schedule, can be found online at

Richard El Gast, Extension Program Instructor II – Vegetation, Natural Resources, Energy; Assistant to Agricultural Programs (retired); Franklin County Cornell Cooperative Expansion. 355 West Main St.


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