Coupana Park will soon host Organ Melas.

The Department of Horticulture wants more space and annual activities

The Department of Horticulture wants more space and annual activities

The Department of Horticulture recommends using Kupana Park for activities of the year, which is located in the heart of Mysuru because it can be easily accessed by the public instead of focusing on breeding programs and events such as mango mela.

In view of the dramatic response to the mango mela, which ended on Monday, the department, in collaboration with the Javik Association, is proposing to launch organic melons, even though it is a non-crop year, to provide farm-fresh organic by the end of the week. Vegetables and fruits for consumers. It also plans to market fast-growing organic food grains to healthy people.

Rudresh, Deputy Director of Horticulture. Hindu As is the case in Bengalru, organic meats are spread to Misuru in Kupaana Park, where real organic food is available to the public.

Discussions are underway with the Javik Krishna Association in Bengalru to provide organic food in Mysuru. “Instead of restricting Kuppanna Park to a limited number of activities, we intend to use the space for a variety of activities.

Organic foods are changing consumer preferences in Mysuru, and more outlets are opening up. Healthy people are increasingly choosing organic foods, with some growing their own stores. With the exception of fruits and vegetables, consumers are increasingly opting for organic foods at affordable prices.

Changes in attitudes toward organic foods are evident in more and more organic food outlets. A few were founded by trustworthy organic farmers. Kuvempenagar, Jyalakshmipuram, Sidharttanagar are among the places where such shops are seen.

These outlets have partnered with organic growers to provide “regional-centric” organic foods such as wine and pomegranate. Foods from the North and Kalina Karnataka are also available at these stores.

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