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By RNZ Sally Murphy

Farmers and gardeners south of Auckland are preparing for the Phase 3 border starting at 12 noon tonight.

The border south of Auckland was used in February this year and is located right in the middle of some gardening and farming.

People cannot cross the border – unless they are necessary workers and their employers have not successfully applied to the Ministry of Trade and Employment and received a free QR code.

New Zealand CEO Nadin Tunili says the border is farther south than Lucéco, which means workers need to cross every day.

“The government was really good to get the best results and worked with us – it is a great relief to us that the same border with the previous lock has created some challenges.

Listen to Jamie McKay’s interview with HortNZ CEO Nadine Tunili below.

The reason the border is so low is because there are a lot of workers from the Upper Wikato region and they need to cross the border a little if it goes north – so this reduces the number of activities. “

Tunlele Hortinsz called yesterday to see if he was providing up-to-date information to affected farmers in the area and how applications for border demarcation were going.

He assured us that it would not be a matter of trucking, for us to make sure that everything was healthy, fresh vegetables could be delivered to everyone because we knew there were a few empty shelves because the consumption was so high.

Jackie Hah, president of Waikato Federation, said he was talking to local farmers to make sure they were aware of the laws around the border.

There is one thing you need to do at this time to gain freedom to cross the border, it must be important for food production or animal welfare on our planet.


“For example, if your veterinarian is on the other side of the border, you cannot use a veterinarian who can provide services at the same time.

She said the federation has sent a consultant to the farmers.



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