Create a garden that deserves a medal

As I was walking around the garden with my wife, Cindy Heath, she turned to me and said, “Everyone who looks good in the garden at this time deserves a medal.” I agreed that we did not deserve a medal. Want to find one? Here are some tips that I have come up with.

First, pull out any long weeds. If you allow some strong weeds now, they can grow flowers in your garden. If you don’t want them to be embarrassed by your laziness, pull them out before the company arrives.

I have a lot of ornamental weeds (Impatiens capensis) For rich, moist soils, semi-sunny to shade flower beds. It is a native plant, but it can be inherited if you allow it. I recently removed some 6 feet high. He was in bed for many years, and I think it was more to get more sun. Elsewhere, where the race is smaller, it may be only 3 or 4 feet high.

Draw taller weeds - like pearl weeds - to better see the garden.

According to the US Forest Service website, garlic is one of the few native plants in our forest that represents mustard. So if you have ornamental weeds, and garlic mustard, you may want to let the pearl weed come to life – and enjoy the bright orange and red flowers I found.

In my next list, I recommend that the flowers that are past and present look bad. I have a big Shasta daisy bed in front of our house, but they were upstairs two weeks ago. Cindy cleaned the flowers with a pair of scissors in just 10 minutes. It makes a big difference to get rid of all used flowers. There are still many beautiful flowers in that bed, so we don’t have to cut them all.

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