Creating a wheelchair accessible garden in Jerusalem

Work Experience 1 week, done. This week I learned not only about my job but also about the bus system in Jerusalem and how to travel around the city on my own. And so I learned how crazy driving here is, so stick to your bus ride! This summer I will be working in the greenhouse, caring for rabbits and creating a accessible garden in a wheelchair, and will practice with Keren Kimez Leisrael-Jewish National Fund in the Nes Harim Field and Forest Center. Although I do not speak Hebrew and the people in the center speak limited English, they are all very nice and friendly and always offer me coffee and tea.

Although the work takes up most of my day, there is still time for exciting activities such as visiting the Israeli Museum, the Old City, and, of course, Macy’s. While at the Israel Museum, we saw the Dead Sea Scrolls and stopped to draw a statue of the “Ahava” (the Hebrew word for “love”). When I was shopping in the Old City, I quickly realized how much the sellers were pushing, making it harder for them to accept, and they would give you a lot of money for your third star star necklace. Oops. Finally the tour Shuk The night is always an unparalleled experience in America I am excited to go back to Week 2!

Alexandra Jonas, 22, of the University of Boston, will be in charge of health science this summer through the Jewish National Fund in Jerusalem through the Boston Future Israel Program. 125 Massachusetts schools have vocational training in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

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