Creative Teacher Poe Boys teacher raises the green thumb in students

Boaz High School students are getting their hands dirty under the leadership of Boys Higher Science teacher Ali Ward.

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A community garden is parked on the corner of Boys 12 and Fort Streets. It grows strawberries, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, flowers – and toddlers.

“Their personality, their jokes, their energy, their questions – they never get old,” said Ali Ward, a science teacher at Boise High School.

Ward coordinates a community garden called Downtown Teaching Farm. The students study the ecology and do soil testing, fertilizing and sowing, as well as planting, watering, and weeding.

“You know, it’s really just a matter of seeing a project go through the cycles and seeing a connected and a sense of authority,” Ward said.

They dig into science, including the importance of pollen plants.

“Of course, we are thinking not only of the honey bees but also of the native bees,” Ward said.

Harvest and clean the flower seeds for the Snake Seed Cooperative. The seeds are packed and sold at retail. For this reason, they should not make fundraisers.

“We can use the seed money as seed money,” Ward said with a laugh.

The selected product will go to the neighborhood volunteers who care for the garden and its students.

“At the end of the last two months, when we harvested tomatoes, onions, or potatoes, I was sending home as much food as possible,” Ward said. “I think it’s an idea to connect students with their environment and make a positive difference in terms of producing some fruits and vegetables.”

According to Ward, student trainees receive credit for gardening and community service during the summer.

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