Crimes at the Aurora Village Exchange Center are believed to generate fuel

Aura, Colo (CBS 4) – The executive of a charity that helps refugees and refugees believes that it is a hate crime center. Last month, the Community Garden Center at Stanley Market was damaged seven times.

On Friday night, the garden chamber, and the machinery inside, were completely destroyed after the fire.

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Amanda Blurock, CEO and co-founder of the Village Exchange Center, said tens of thousands of dollars were damaged in a non-profit garden.

“I’m angry, it’s frustrating, it’s horrible that someone is destroying and burning equipment that is being used by refugees and refugees to build a community and go to a food farm,” Brooke said.

The Village Exchange Center was created to bring together Colorado’s refugee and immigrant communities. People of the 16th and Havana areas, regardless of their faith, receive races or ethnicities at the center. That’s about 80% of immigrants in Colorado.

The center operates a regular food warehouse for approximately 5,000 people. The center plans to supply fresh fruits and vegetables to panther farmers on one hectare of land at Stanley Market.

(Credit: CBS)

“It’s a way to build a community. It’s a place where people feel they belong. ”

Mark Shaker, a partner at Stanley Market, said the company has donated one hectare of non-profit land to help build community and opportunity.

Last month, however, someone was regularly hurting his farm. Blueberry said it started by destroying pumpkins and melons. It was then converted to garbage lines. Then, on Friday evening, a new hut caught fire, just like the machinery in it.

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“After the second and third offenses and now it is on fire, I believe it is a crime of hatred,” Bloomberg said.

“I’m very angry,” Shaker told CBS 4. We have an incredibly strong community, and it supports all aspects of our project.

Firefighters gathered evidence in the garden on Friday night and conducted interviews.

According to Bluerock, the fire destroyed an estimated $ 10,000 worth of farm equipment and $ 14,000 worth of huts.

Cleaning and Replacement Costs, and After the purchase and installation of a security system, the damage and fire can cost up to $ 75,000 for a nonprofit organization.

However, the cost of replacing the lost goods may be reduced compared to the moral losses of the volunteers and their staff who spent many hours in realizing the garden.

After the fire, Melissa, a farmer, said: “This is my second home, and I feel very sorry for what happened.” I care and I love it so much and we lovingly hope it will be beautiful again.

A non-profit organization is now raising funds to carry out repairs and improve community farming.

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“We have refugees and immigrants who are growing and building a community in this place, not here and here. So this is very frustrating. ”


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