Crossroads Gardens – Are You Ready for Kings?

Early in the spring, the surprisingly large male raccoon slowly approached the courtyard. The animal stopped barking under the outer bird feeder. He came to his house every night. Two forty gallons of metal trash lined the brick wall. One contains a mixture of birds. It can contain other Nigerien seeds and sorghum. This was a nightclub for Niger Sock and a round bird feeder.

The raccoon waited until he became bold and tried to remove the lids in vain. After a few nights of perseverance, he found a way and lifted the lid off the seedbed. The outdoor light is on. The masked bandit retreated. The next night he came back into the woods and threw it off the cover. The noise and the clutch followed the balcony and the raccoon disappeared. Or we thought. The next morning he seems to have gone back and quietly removes the lid on the sunflower seeds. Then the lid is chained down and closed. Over the next few nights, we heard him try to move the lid. Scratching and murmuring dragged the cats back to the window. Metal noise, beatings and then silence. Hmmm. The light is on. The seed was placed in a seed pot and the lid hung sideways. The older man relaxed, got out of bed, and disappeared into the darkness. A heavy concrete block and heavy umbrella stood, and the seed covers were safe again.

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