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In his new book, Dog Target sees the oak tree as a force for life.

In two influential books, the onomatologist Douglas W. Talmis conveyed the message of human biodiversity in order to invite human beings around the world. Tarmi, 70, lives in Southeast Pennsylvania in 1981 and is a professor at the Department of Ecology and Wildlife at Delaware University, where he joined the faculty in 1981 and led or co-authored 104 published research studies. Insects. A.D. In 2007 his book Bringing nature home: How to keep indigenous plants wildlife He went on to persuade gardeners to think big about buffets that they could create for animals outside of any door. A.D. Expanded that project in 2020 The best hope of nature begins with a new approach to environmental protection in your backyard. What happened a New York Times best seller.

Target’s latest book, The nature of the oaks – the rich ecology of our most important native trees (Like others published by Timber Press), puts the message in a separate prism, in Genesis. Quarcus, It contains 435 species of oak worldwide, 91 of which are the largest in North America, with their local sources as food and shelter. Describes Oak’s life cycle in detail during the 12 months of the year. “Unfortunately, most of the homeowners associated with the oak may not be noticed,” he said. Although oak leaf litter has a high cost as a micro habitat, many homeowners are ready to cut down oak leaves, noting that farming is not only unnecessary but also very frustrating. Again, his gift to readers is to help them see what is known in nature and discover the unseen in clear fiction.

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Bradford McKee: In The nature of the ox, In your previous books, you are bringing science and natural history into a family discussion –

Doug Target: That is the goal!

BM: Although there are scientists who conduct academic research and also regularly advocate for the public, there are differences in most areas. What motivates your mission? (Additional…)

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