Dallas Dirt Works Turned Southwest’s Largest Flower Festival

Dallas, Texas, Winter 2021 – Dallas Arborretum and horticulturists are planting more than 500,000 spring bulbs in a 66-acre garden with the help of up to 30 more seasonal gardeners. As one of the city’s most polluted activities, these gardeners know that their hard work will result in the most spectacular flower festival of the year, the Dallas Bloom, which begins February 19 and will run until April 10, 2022.

Planting bulbs during the winter is an important part of the garden cycle, which brings beautiful spring flower arrangements. It takes 11,560 hours for 65 airline staff to install light bulbs from the supplier. The horticultural team begins by adjusting the soil and removing existing spring plants and adding moisture.

“The bulbs should be refrigerated in a paper bag stored in the refrigerator for four to six weeks before being planted, and the soil temperature should be 50 degrees or lower when planting bulbs so that the tulips do not bloom too quickly,” Dave said. First, the Vice President of the Dallas Arborum Garden.

Dallas Arboretum horticulturists plant bulbs in rows, three to six inches apart, like bulbs. Other spring-growing plants, such as pansies, are planted four inches below the bulbs and the beds are filled with different colors. The final step of the process is repair.

“In addition to 100,000 pans, violets and thousands of other annual and perennial flowering bulbs in the spring, there are a variety of tulips, daffodils and heikins,” Forhand added.

Remember you do not need to fertilize or water a lot in the winter, but you do need a lot in the spring because when the sun starts to heat up and dry out, the bulbs grow faster. Watering before the snow saves the plant from freezing, and water is always watered if predicted. Pancakes, cabbage, and popcorn are protected from frost.

From December 7 until the New Year, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the installation of light bulbs throughout the garden, which has been delayed by unpredictable winter temperatures.

About Dallas Arborretum & Plant Garden

Dallas Avenue and Plant Parks are located on the southeast shores of Lake Rock at 8525 Garland Road, Dallas, Texas 75218. The Arboretum is open daily from 9 am-5pm. Highly secure tickets are required and can be purchased online at Dallascarborum. org or by calling 214-515-6615 per week.

From January 2-31, the total garden entrance is $ 5. (Dallas Arborum closed January 1). The Rory Myers Children’s Adventure Garden will be closed from January 1 to February 19 for preventive maintenance. Parking is $ 15 or $ 10 if purchased online in advance. Dallas Morning News is a major partner of the Dallas Avenue. Arboretum is partially funded by the Dallas Park and Recreation Department. Arboretum is partially funded by the Dallas Park and Recreation Department. The WFAA is the official media sponsor for the Dallas Arborum.

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