Darthmore Prison has “the best protected prison garden in England”

Hartham Dartmore has been rewarded for his outstanding gardening efforts in England and Wales.

The prestigious 2021 Windles Championship was awarded to HPN Dartmore in Prison Service and the Royal Horticulture Society (RHS).

A.D. The Windelsham Cup, first awarded in 1983, is awarded annually by the Gardener Charity in one of the finest prison gardens in England and Wales.

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Dartmore, formerly of The 2018 runner-up won the award for the first time by winning nine other prison gardens in a fierce competition.

A.D. Following the postponement of the tournament in 2020, RHS judges were surprised by the high quality of admissions this year.

The judges praised Darthmore Prison’s biodiversity, plant distribution and creative design, and were particularly impressed with its ability to work in limited areas of the gardening team and in the harsh climate.

Gardeners in Dar es Salaam have opened plants and beds to transform the 200-year-old prison and bring colors to an previously unusual yard. The gardens provide ample kitchen space for the kitchen.

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There is also a significant focus on wildlife ponds and grasslands. Animal reptiles and amphibians, and the Insect Hotel are made from recycled materials that provide summer shelters and breeding grounds and contain black bees.

Flower beds at HMP Dartmoor

A sensory garden has also been built to support the mental health and well-being of everyone.

About the Windsals Cup

The Windsals Cup also celebrates the best prison gardens in England and Wales.

For the first time in 1984, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the Home Office, in Windlesham, were designed to recognize the impact of gardening on inmates.

Over the past century, more than 100 prisons have competed.

The trophy itself is a bronze bell that is very polished from the old “green god” fire engine hung on the church tree. The award was presented at Gend Windsham in 2001, when RSS began offering the award.

Plants in HMP Dartmoor
Plants in HMP Dartmoor

“The magnificent gardens showcase the quality of gardening and care throughout,” said RWS Chief Justice John Whitley. There is a whole group of ethics that are immediately apparent as soon as you enter Darthmore and are described by a prisoner as life-changing education and work experience.

“Crop production is varied and of high quality. It is also a great credit to all who are involved in the development of such high-quality gardens.

Many of the horticultural values ​​that inspired Lord Windsham to establish the trophy are evident in Darfur.

“I am very proud of the wonderful work that our inmates are doing,” added Steve Mead, governor of Hart Prison. Dartmore was built over 200 years ago during the Napoleonic War.

HPP in Princeton

Our inmates have made the station a beautiful, colorful, and reflective place in the middle of the tropics, with very old infrastructure and difficult environmental conditions.

“Winning the Windsal Cup is a great achievement and a credit to the gardening team. Congratulations to all. ”

Kay Clark, RSS Community Development Manager, commented: “Gardening and green space are important for the health and well-being of everyone, but this need will increase significantly in a nurturing environment.

“Gardeners in Dartor have worked hard to make the prison a better place for all inmates, staff, and visitors.

They have been a great success, and everyone at RHS is happy with their victory.

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