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Rosswell, Ga – SiteOne Landscaping is hosting the 25th Annual Women at the Green Industry Conference (WIGI) September 30 – October 3, 2021 in Alamo, San Antonio, Texas. The four-day vocational training program, which focuses on helping women in the green industry, is open until September 7.

“This year’s focus is ‘blooming’ because there is no better or more important time to celebrate the key role women play in the landscape industry and to help them grow their personal networks and business opportunities, says Christina Moore. Events Manager on SiteOne’s landscape presentation. After a year of unexpected changes and challenges, we truly look forward to reconnecting to the network, sharing best practices, supporting each other, and learning new business strategies that will benefit the entire landscape industry.

The 2021 Welcome Dinner “Embracing the Growth Zone” will be opened by Lauren Johnson, brainstorming coach and speaker by Lauren Johnson and company Claire Goldman, Head of Design & Business Development at R&R Landscaping, W&I. “Better together” – Recognize and emphasize gender differences in working relationships. Jennifer Lemke, CEO of Weed Man, closes the WIGI “Building a Team Today and Strengthening the Bench for the Future”. Session provides a deep dive into the process of recruiting efforts.

Catch on last year’s wig – Embrace leadership in change

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from guest speakers, sponsors, and each other by attending topic-based sessions.

  • Laura Butter, Assistant Director of Private Training at Auburn University, “Introduction to Health” by Landscape Professionals.
  • “How to Build and Maintain a Balanced System” was presented by Emery Lindley, Marketing Manager, and Lisa Greenwell, Vice President of Business Operations at Greenwash LLC.
  • “Win a more profitable job with strong estimates and labor costs,” said Britannie Awman, owner of Amman Landscaping.
  • Presented by Bibo Inside and Out Through Photos by Deborah Cole owner.
  • “Membership Economy” presented by Betty Barry, Vice President of Software Business Development at Real Green Systems.
  • Robin Moffat, recruitment manager at SiteOne, and Mille Possen, the site’s multi-university liaison, said, “Don’t stop.”
  • “Know your rest, so don’t break your bank,” presented by COO, co-founder of Out Of The Box Technology.
  • “Take your risk out of your mix,” said Jennifer O’Reilly, Bayer’s senior marketing manager.
  • Go Flour Irrigation Essentials ”Presented by Julie Zigler, Hunter List Sales Manager at Hunter Industries Florida.
  • “Explain – Strategies for Customer Participation” by Hunter Sales Manager, Northeast and Central Florida.
  • “Living outdoors – FirePit Anymore is not the only one,” said Megan Pratt, marketing manager at Oldcastle APG.
  • Presented by Melanie Dugai, Technical Customer Service and Logistics Manager, “Health for Landscaping Experts.”
  • “Won’t you be my neighbor? Become a neighborhood owner using the next door and community emp power provided by Betty Barry, Vice President of Software Business Development at Real Green Systems.

Thanks to WIGI Sponsors for Providing: Hunter and FX Laminer; Gold Sponsors – Belgard and Technical. Additional sponsors include: Bayer, Epic Plastics, LMN, NALP, NDS, Real Green Systems, Programs Screen Printing, Development Team, PB Gordon and IPS Weld On.

SiteOne customers will be able to cover a $ 999 registration fee for $ 1,299, including 75,000 partner points or 95,000 partner points for round-trip flights, hotels, ground transportation, group meals, classes and major sessions. Register for women in the green industry at www.siteone.com/wigi2021.

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