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In Dassen, this discovery day will be a full and busy weekend. Since most of the hotel rooms have been booked for weeks, people are hoping to cancel, camp and share if they want to attend.

The annual event to mark the discovery of gold in Yukon begins on August 12 and will be held over the weekend. There is a golf tournament, a fastball competition, a fruit and vegetable exhibition, and the ever-growing Riverside Arts Festival. The famous Discovery Day parade will take place at noon on August 14.

Diamond Dental Gates open with casinos and full shows. Bar service restored.

The Riverside Arts Festival covers an entire area of ​​the city, with the final count 14, with art exhibitions, uploads, videos, performances and sounds – art in all its forms and expressions.

The new organization, Words Out Loud, will kick off the summer series with word artists at the Kinduke Institute of Arts and Culture (KIAC) on August 13.

And since August 15th, there has been a commissioner’s tour, the Commissioner’s tea and ball modernization of the last century. This is 125Th One year if gold is found. The tour runs from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm at the Commissioner’s residence and Fort Hermer compound and is a family affair. Nowadays, dressing is an option. It must have been earlier.

Full programs are available on the Clondok Visitors Association website and on the Clondke Arts and Culture Institute website.

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