Day 12 at the NYS show – hand-picked menu and schedule today

Geds, New York – It’s an ox day, so we’re celebrating that exciting industry in the state of New York. You can find hamburgers, steak sandwiches and beef tips all over the yard, and you can find beef farmers in the beef building.

While roaming the amusement parks in search of your favorite beef (or chicken or pork or any grilled item), try catching a spinning piano player. The boy appears in the reality show, and he even drives to the beer garden. How do you think we found him? Seriously, it’s a fun scene.

Today’s menu

I write about and The Post-Standard about food, and I rely on readers to tell me what’s good in Central New York. This is exactly what I count at a government show. I take my suggestions and highlight the best food and drinks here. If you eat or drink anything that knocks on your socks (315-382-1984), write to me and I will try. Hey, I might even join you for a meal and pick up a tab. And that is what I have done almost every day.

Introduction: Next to Midway ($ 14), the Utica item will be on Broadway.

This is the sixth year that Charlie Digistina has brought the taste of Utika to the show. They sell everything their city has to offer: poultry, greens, tomato cake and crescent cookies. They have become so popular that he sells his own beer garden to Utica Club, a two-story venue that features sports.

During the closure of the restaurant (and government show) last year, Charlie and his children, Vincenzo and Charlie, drove to the suburbs in central New York. It was there that they came up with the idea of ​​a big donkey sandwich with their best food in a mobile dish.

Degreesina’s boys are looking for this year’s favorite sandwich at a government show. Charlie Degistina (center) and his children Charlie (left) and Vincenzo run the giant. Charlie Miller |

Instead of forcing customers to choose between entries, they put it all together. Instead of Italian bread, they use two slices of tomato cake, a Cecilia-like pizza (without mozzarella) at room temperature and a delicious Parmesan cheese. Some stores store Utica greens and then two inches of poultry.

“When we first tried, we knew it had hit,” said Charlie Senior. “What do we call it? This will be the case at this year’s fair. ‘We looked at each other and at the same time we said’ the thing ‘. So that’s where we went. ”

And he really is one thing. In a year when sellers do not see many lines, Utica is doing business fast. This $ 14 sandwich is for three meals.

Natalie Pagano, a senior reader of at the University of Niagara, said she would like to try it out. So we made sure she did.

They think that all that cheese and sour soup and pasta is pouring everywhere and that a sandwich of this size creates a big fat mess. It was surprisingly easy to eat. The provided knife and fork also helped.

“Oh wow! That is very good. ”

She passed by about half of us before we entered. And yes, that was good.

It’s Utica’s thing

Natalie Pagano, a veteran reader of the University of Niagara, dives into a tin sandwich at the state festival near Midway. Charlie Miller |

Drink: Hard cider from 1911 ($ 8 each).

After 11 days and nights of cheap state beer, it was time to mix it up. An old college friend and her husband were driving in town. We did not want Miller Lit or the Utica Club to drink in Chevy Court. Or any beer for that matter. Some in Central New York wanted very good strong cider.

That is unthinkable. Beak & Skiff’s 1911 stands behind us near the Horticultural Building and has great ciders and sparkling cocktails.

We created our own flight, because, we all have different tastes. I wanted something that was not too sweet, so I ordered New England’s IPC Hop. Eva wanted something fruitful, so she got blueberry syrup. Her husband, Brian, was the most adventurous, and she asked for a cedar donut.

It was all a good speed change. The happy New England cider became my favorite, and their favorite. Cindy donut tastes good … you guessed it … frozen cinnamon donut in apple cider. It was delicious, and I guess Sunday morning would be the best drink. Blueberry cider was especially enjoyable for fruit lovers.

The good thing about this position is the size and the interesting people who make the bar. keep it up!

1911 Cider

In 1911 my own heavy ciders flight stopped at the state show. They are (left to right) New England IPC, blueberry cider and cider donut. Charlie Miller |

>> Detailed daily schedule Tuesday, August 31


>> Whiskey Holo, 2pm at Chevy Court

>> Cory Marx, 2pm at Chevy Park

>> Jamie Johnson, 7pm at Chevy Court

>> Halestorm, 8pm at Chevy Park

Fair Basics

Tickets: It’s $ 3 at the entrance this year; Children under the age of 12 are free daily, and those 65 and older receive free admission. This year the show will not accept cash at the doors. Pre-purchase tickets at Itics or use the AA credit card at a nearby kiosk.

Hours: This year, the door will open at 11 a.m. daily, three hours after previous performances. The buildings will close at 10 p.m., while the midway will close at 11 p.m.

car park: The parking lots around the contours can accommodate more than 23,000 cars. Parking is $ 5 (advance sales or EZ-pass) for everyone. They will not receive cash this year. (Click here for a stop map and directions.)

Masks: A face mask is required for everyone in the building. If you have been vaccinated, you should not wear one. Staff will have masks at the entrance to each building.

Other rules: You can bring food and non-alcoholic beverages with refrigerators. Pets are not allowed unless working dogs or races are allowed. All bags, purses, refrigerators, backpacks and favorite packages are allowed but will be searched upon arrival. You may not bring guns or other equipment, signs, roller blades, skis or bicycles to the yard.

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