Dear Phillies fans, I’m sorry

Dear Phillies fans,

I was recently offended by your enthusiasm for you and your team.

We all know that the pride and loyalty of all Philadelphia sports teams is unmatched by any other city in the country. In fact, about a year ago, Phillips’ fans were among the top 10 in the country.

But a few weeks ago I went to Citizens Bank Park to play Dodgers and Phillies, and let me tell you, the fans there didn’t show any love for Phil. You can hear the pinnacle of how quiet it was.

I understand, the Phillips did not have a great season after signing Foreign Player Bryce Harper, but they can’t go to baseball.

Want to know what Philips fans are up to?

I woke them up. Yes, I did.

“Dodgers, let’s go!” I started singing. If you don’t know, Dodger’s fans are making noise everywhere they go, and Citizen Bank Park My songs have been captured by other Dodger fans and turned blue.

After I started singing Dodgers, we got a little upset and our class finally said, “Let’s go to Philips!” He began to sing. But it was sad to see how quiet the stadium was.

Back in the room I was in, “I woke you up, didn’t I ?!” Some fans were trying to make fun of me, but they were not.

Not for comparison, I went to City City in Queens two days later and was shaking for the Dodgers and Mets game and that stadium. Road loader!

The Phillips are more likely to miss the playoffs, but let’s not be a fan of a team when they are in a crazy fall.

Let’s be like the Philadelphia Eagles fans. Or “EAGLES EAGLES!”

I always say to everyone that Philadelphia sports fans are one of the most anxious and uplifting, but if I continue to go to very quiet sports events, I will have to change those words soon.

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