Delaware Vegetable Gardens to Benefit from a Sept. 23 Virtual Wine Dinner

SoDel Concepts Restaurants will host an imaginary charity dinner with Delaware Plant Parks on Thursday, September 23, featuring local thorns and Bogle vineyards.

Registrar, Robbie Liblalan and Boggle will join local artist Vincent Varassi live music at their vineyard dinner in California. In partnership with Sodele Concepts, the charity is designed to raise money for Delaware Plant Gardens.

“This unique garden is a great addition to our Delmarva community, and Sodell is proud to be a garden partner. We respect Delaware in the local Peach theme, ”said Sodeel’s representatives. “Fr Ronnie, Fr Charles, Fr Ryan, Fr Alex, and Fr.

Each guest will receive a unique cocktail and a bottle of wine from Bogle Wine, which is served by banks and wines.

Consumers order and have dinner at one of the three SoDel concept restaurants. The menu includes: SoDel Home Sweet Bread and Sea Salt Honey Butter; Scrambled eggs containing farm eggs, local blue crab, whipped yolk, chopped mustard seeds, old bay and fresh soup; Smoked fish board with rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, scallops, smoked peach chutney, stone mustard and roasted rye. 302 Aquapanics Roasted Peach and Pec Salad with Baby Red Leaf, Roasted Peppers, Canned Peas, Cruised Smoked Blue Cheese, and Balsamic Digest Vinaigrett.

The fourth course is Southern Delaware Surf-and-Grass with fried chicken breast, fried crab cake, country potato salad, toy box tomatoes, and white peas and roasted corn salad. A common sweet Peach almond jam jams, cake trifles, marshmallow treats and a variety of cookies. Cocktails and wines include Tito Delaware Peach Brewer, Boggle Chardonai or Boggle Pinot Norn.

Eaters will have lunch at one of these places – Fish On Lewis, Northeast Seafood Restaurant at Ocean View or at Rehobot Sea at Blueco Rehobot, September 23 from 5 to 5:30. The virtual dinner begins immediately at 6 p.m. pm For reservations, visit

Special gift bookings include: Soda gift card, draft beer ticket from Thompson Island, a free pass for vegetables and a new free certificate for each booking for Piet Oudolf’s “Hummelo” book. Shop at the DBG Welcome Center.

It costs $ 275 for one bottle of wine and two cocktails, or $ 138 for one wine and one cocktail.

For more information, call Sheryl Sweden at or call (202) 262-9856.


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