Deli City Housing Development Plans Compressing Popular Community Garden

Dali City (Kipx 5) – A big change is about to take place in the town of Sarmonte del Ray, Dali City.

The Jefferson Union High School District is renovating outdated facilities and replacing them with faculty and staff apartments, eventually making the site a 6-story residential complex, including a 14-story building.

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“Our community meetings, the people who live here, I think, mostly support this,” said JUHSD superintendent Tony Press.

The station is located at 699 Serramonte Boulevard in Daly City.

But there is a group of people who are not happy with the move because it means they have to go gardening in Dali for 20 years.

“We call it the Mystic Paradise. This is Dali’s only community garden. He’s been here for over 20 years, ”said Hiba, a gardener. “A community station, a community place. Green space “

The garden was originally built as a teaching ground for the school district. However, it has since become a community garden.

Eric Campbell volunteered to be the gardener.

He is thinking of maintaining a green space, and he wants to maintain the small size of the city of Delhi.

“You can easily work around this and realize that this is not just a garden – this is still a part of nature here,” Campbell said.

The school district tried to work around the garden but was unable to do so, according to Presto.

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“We looked at it with our architects – ‘How can we build around it, how can we protect it in some way?’ If we do that, we will not be able to build the kind of building and the size of the house that we want to build, ”she said.

The rebuilt neighborhood project will include a new community garden, says Pista, which has more green space.

“There will be a community garden, maybe twice as much green space as we have now. At least double. ” “It may never be the same. It will be a garden. Community Garden. We really want to work with the community to get what it wants.

But gardeners do not buy it.

“It’s not about a new garden, it’s about the environment,” says Campbell.

They say we will double the green space, but if that is true why do they demolish this place? See how big this place is. It still goes. It’s very big, ”said Hiba.

Hiba taking over the garden will have a negative impact on the local youth.

“I describe the garden first and foremost as a community space, a green space, a place that is important for mental health – especially for teenagers growing up here,” she said. “If you continue to take our youth to safer places, you are on the road.”

The Superintendent will have a positive impact on the redevelopment project. Provides a much-needed source of income for the school district, benefiting students and the wider community.

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“It is a big project for many reasons. It helps financially support our school district – and – creates a beautiful neighborhood in Dali and promotes housing for the community, ”she said.


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