Deli lost more than 290 trees, some of them old, in a thunderstorm

Troops uprooted from various parts of the city were uprooted by traffic police.

New Delhi mourn

Deli lost more than 290 trees, some of them decades, in Monday’s powerful thunderstorm, prompting civic agencies to open special trucks to remove debris from city streets, although Lt. Gen. Vinay Kumar Saxena has called for an in-depth review of the causes. To ensure that trees do not repeat such events.

According to the Deli Municipal Corporation, at least 215 trees were uprooted or damaged in the city, excluding the Lithuanian Delhi area, where 77 trees fell on Monday evening.

Delhi Traffic Police announced on Tuesday that 352 calls and 14 calls related to traffic jams were due to construction or wall collapse following a day of heavy rains and thunderstorms in the capital. At least three people have been killed in a landslide, one of them drowning in a pool of thirsty P Prahladder.

According to civic officials, the fallen trees are a variety of species, including Nem, Papal, Jamun, Arjun, Semal, Pilkan, Bargad, Imli, Cadilla, Kusum, Kekan, Balam, Beheda and Eucalyptus.

Civic agencies, including MCD and the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), have struggled to clear roads full of fallen trees and their branches that impede traffic.

A senior official of the MCDD Department of Fruit and Vegetation Development said 750 civic workers have been deployed in various parts of the city to uproot trees.

“About 30 vehicles, each with a staff of 25, have been set up to remove debris from the road. Several roadblocks will be cleared in the evening,” he said.

Areas where trees were uprooted include Rohini, Ajmeri Gate, Darianganj, Sunder Nagar, Pahadganj, Narayana, Jamia Nagar, Okla, New Friends Colonial, Jangupura, Bawana Depot, Azadpur, Civil Line, Vicaspuri, Saket, Sundar Nagri, Andand. Vihar, Mayour Vihar, Lajapat Nagar, Aito and Malvia Nagar among others.

The Public Works Department, which manages 1,260 kilometers of roads in the city, did not provide information on fallen trees.

Officials say the road authority is responsible for removing tree debris.

Deli For the first time since 2018, “severe” hurricanes have been observed, with detached trees blocking roads and damaging several vehicles, disrupting traffic within minutes.

Three people were killed and several others were injured in what became known as the Great Depression on Monday night. Heavy rains in the capital have uprooted hundreds of trees, disrupted road and air traffic, and damaged vehicles and buildings, including the famous Jama Mosque.

The NDMC Department of Fruit and Vegetation fears that some of the uprooted trees may be among the so-called ‘heritage trees’, but is yet to compile a damage report and verify the facts.

“Most of the uprooted trees (six) were on Baba Karak Singh Road while Parliament Street lost five Nem trees. .

Other roads where trees have been uprooted and affected by traffic are Mares Teresa Moon, Ashoka Road, Shankar Road, Forozshah Road, Jantar Mtar Marg, Castorba Gandhi Marg, Copernicus Marg, Tilk Marg, Pirana Kila Road, Pandara Road, Subramaniam Baharti Marg, Jap, , Sardar Patel Marg, K Kamraj Marg, Krishna Menon Road, Tolstoy Road, Tyagraj Marg and Sunehri Bagh Road.

Meanwhile, Saxonna, governor of the Daily Lieutenant, said the government was focused on uprooting trees due to the storm and that the issue would be resolved soon.

A statement from Raj Niwas said he had asked for an in-depth review of the reasons for the incident.

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He instructed the authorities to scientifically cut down trees that were 45 feet high and 10 feet high.

The traffic police said they had received more than 350 calls, including traffic jams, traffic signs, the removal of trees and light poles, and the cutting of overhead cables and cables.

He said the trees that had been uprooted had been removed by traffic officials in collaboration with other civic agencies in various parts of the city.

There were also power outages in many parts of the city, disrupting traffic signals and disrupting signal communications, a senior traffic police official said.

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