Designing living walls and green roofs may be the next step in your career


Living wall at Davidson College. Plant material used – tropical. Living Wall System – Nedlaw Biofilter Wall. Living Walls Inc.

Exploring alternatives to building sustainability has become an integral part of the building design process. As climate change efforts increase, living walls and green roofs are one of the many ways architects, landscape architects, and designers are transforming new and existing buildings.

Last week we highlighted the opportunity to work as an interior architect for the Las Vegas Theater Company. Living Roofs Inc., based in North Carolina this week. We specialize in your search for a project designer. This workplace is ideal for those looking for part-time jobs and for fruit and vegetable and green infrastructure.

A living rooftop team working on a green roof at the top of Publix grocery history on Smokey Hollow development in Central Raleigh. Used plant materials – native seeds and grasses. Via Instagram by Living Roofs Inc.

The organization shares that their preferred candidate will assist in “various drafting, graphic production and administrative tasks.” You will also be a key player in developing custom designs for clients and assisting with construction presentations and necessary documentation. It is important for the needs of plants and plants. Other responsibilities include “designing and managing plant orders and installation programs for a variety of projects” with the design team.

Living Roofs Inc. It was established in 2006 with a commitment to developing sustainable infrastructure. Their work has earned them the award-winning green roof design and construction leader. They work on projects for residential and commercial clients in urban and rural areas. Past projects include the Green Roof of the Columbia City Water and Waste Management Authority, the Durham County Library Green Roof, and the Ser Nevada Brewery Building.

The group describes itself as a “neutral, boutique group” and believes that keeping our team smaller and closer allows us to be smarter and more responsive to your needs. This hands-on approach gives you the best possible experience and results. . “

Green roof of Durham County Library. Herbal materials used – Southeast Sedum and Successful Mix. Image courtesy Living Roofs Inc.

Green roof on top of South Carolina University – Darla Moore Business School. Used planning materials – native and ornamental seeds. Image courtesy Living Roofs Inc.

People may want to know what plants and greens are used in projects such as living walls and green roofs. To answer this question and to educate people who are interested in their work, Living Roofs Inc. Provides the green roof / living wall system and plant materials used for each project. Browse their projects here.

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