Different cutting techniques, and why every gardener should know them

Various cutting techniques, and a picture of the text that every gardener should know

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Instead of keeping your plants or trees to a certain shape or size, there are various reasons why you want to cut down. To achieve full growth and many shoots. But take a moment to learn about the difference before you start rolling Types How to trim and get different results.

How to cut with a pinch

Pinch It involves using two fingers to remove a head Plant to encourage more significant growth. When the trunk and upper leaf are pruned, it indicates that the plant will grow more stemsMs and leaves for compensation. As a result, the leaves are filled with more sunlight and more shoots and stems. (You can pinch a plant to preserve it to the Required size.)

When to use dead heads and roofs

Dead head It’s like pinching in there You can use the two-finger method– or you Can Use Scissors or clips. When they cut off his head, Close or cut to the base of the head, Where you meet the next level of leaves as much as you can. This method completely eliminates the seed The plant can Grow more, and Especially so They become flowers Produce more shoots for a longer period of time. Such circumcision when applied To the trees, it is said Peak

The peak and the head of death are considered Types of plant care with high stress. Texas A and M Land type topography It is the process of cutting down a tree into a few large branches. After 2 to 3 months, growing again on the tree is strong, bushy and straight. It has the potential to make a significant profit, but if not done properly, it could endanger the tree’s strength, so be careful.

How to make thin Your shrubs

As well as maintaining the size of the plant Encouraging growth is good for shrubs and trees. He cuts small branches to make the thin shovelB Size and help Focus on plant energyy on it Main branches. To lighten a plant, cut off The little branch is called “Crook”(Or part Y) From the tree. See a gardener Katherine Moravek This was done by a YouTube Video for Colorado Yard Care.

Shrubs should be thin Basically cutting small branches Just above Soil. This allows it to grow for other branches and leave more space More oxygen and light to break into larger branches and leaves.

When to record and be clear

Sometimes it will be you Trim just because you want to A plant or tree to grow in one direction or to protect it Shape or size. You can cut it with a saw or a plant or a tree Clips – or Sometimes even Power chainSaw –to the Cut small leaves or branches With a specific design. This The method is common On Fences, dwarf trees and evergreen trees.


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