Distribute some garbage

11D. The role of drama coach is “Every Game.”

24D. My child, word play is out today! “Team building?” It may be an attempt to increase morale at work, but in this puzzle, the “building” is a physical structure. And it could be ARENA for sports team building.

27 d. “Has a healthy judgment?” He may be a person who makes good decisions, but the “sound” in this hint refers to the voice rather than the calm. The answer is yes.

33 d. The “colon” in this clue is not part of the body. When synchronized, it stops for IS TO.

It’s been 100 years since I took the SAT, but I still have nightmares about similar questions. You will be given two words with the same connection and then you will have to choose another pair of words with the same connection (“Phone: Calls,” for example, “Computer: Emails” would be the correct answer). Then you pray that you do not spend too much time on a question that contains points instead of correct words.

A.D. Education officials, who compiled the exams in 2005, raised their heads and said, “This is ridiculous. What kind of example are we setting? This sentence does not even have all the words. It has points! “

46 d. In “Theater Proposal?” Codos, not objects used in the game. These supports come in the form of prizes, in this case OBIES.

My main goal in building this theme puzzle is to be as lively, as long as possible – words and phrases that are dynamic, have some form in the past, and can be found in interesting and subtle ways. I feel that nonsense shortcuts are more personal than theme puzzles, and I like the unique sounds of the builders when they light up without being limited to one theme.

The most important field of development for me to solve puzzles is word processing. Crossword puzzles are not the most sexual part, but they go a long way in distinguishing the fullness of the puzzle from other builders. Like many builders, I get my vocabulary from Jeff Chen XWord. I find this very useful as a beginner, but I find it important to review these default values ​​regularly, so that my puzzles reflect my own unique value system.

Side note glossary management is probably my interest as a crossword puzzle builder. I’m curious to know how others organize, register, and improve their personal details. I wonder which saturation is higher, which is a priority and which has a higher score, and which is lower or is completely prohibited. This is especially useful for real names, I think, for days, developers, editors and testers have been debating who and what should be given due attention, relevance, and adequate inclusion. This is an invisible work that is often overlooked or unrecognized, but I admire developers who deviate from the traditional canon and make puzzles, especially those with a unique theme.

A few other ideas:

1. In this puzzle, I am proud to introduce four entries in the XWord Info vocabulary by default “50” instead of a premium point – Influence, Drama Coach, Shaun and side note.60 inches for most other filters that have never been seen in the New York Times. My new hobbies are fun words or phrases that are not valued in the default vocabulary.

2. To make this puzzle easier or more accessible, my curiosity to reduce the amount of traditional reference references has a few real names. I think I can feel general or refreshing and I am curious to know how that sits with the challengers.

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