Lifestyle designer and author Trace Barnett showed how to make a spring crown using natural materials from the garden. Find gardening tips, recipes, and more in the book “Vegetables – A Modern Approach to Living Out”, where you can buy books. Follow Trace on @thebittersocialite on Facebook and Instagram.


Bring dried leaves to your home or balcony during this time, using dried leaves in the garden. Due to the great texture and color variation, sunflower heads are ideal for spring flowers. Sunflower seeds are also placed around the garden to make large bird feeders. I would like to start with a choice of vines or any other wreath. The process of thinking behind your anger is based on your personal style and the way you look at the wreath. For my flower, I combined garlands, canned corn, dried corn leaves, dried papyrus from a pot plant, and some beautiful berries. You may also want to consider hydrants, dried herbs such as rosemary, or fallen leaves. Start your bouquet by collecting all the necessary materials. Have scissors, flower wire and a hot glue gun to protect the wreath. There are two main ways to collect garlands. One is to tie the elements in your hand and wrap them around the flower wire until it is finished. And also protect wire or hot glue. Another great way is by slipping natural ingredients into the ring in any natural way and protecting the leaves with hot glue or wire. Repeat the process until the wreath reaches the desired shape and fullness. Alternatively, gold spray can be applied to reduce dust or paint sprays. If you use it outdoors or in the garden, I suggest that the birds eat the sunflower seeds and leave the natural ones.


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