DJ Horti launches fruit and vegetable training course

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SRINAGAR: Director General of Horticulture, Kashmir, Ajaz Ahmed Bhat opened a 06 month training on horticulture today.

The department will provide training on horticulture to 30 candidates from different parts of the valley.

At the event, the DJ said, the department has encouraged young people to follow new techniques to promote the horticultural sector in the valley and improve their quality of life. He said such training courses create job opportunities not only for themselves but also for others.

He also urged the youth to participate in such training courses for skills development. He said the department would assist the trainees in setting up the units.

D.G. Instructed a master medicine and processing instructor to train students in the comfort of online and offline mode. It also directed the CIA to train trainees in various departments to gain practical knowledge about them.

The opening ceremony was attended by the head of the tin and processing department, Srinagar, the head of fruits and vegetables, Srinagar and other officers.

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