DMK in TN 1’s only agricultural budget for agri, partner sectors 34,000 RC Cheney News – Indian Times

Chennai: The DMK government on Saturday presented plans to achieve food security over the next 10 years, giving Tamil Nadu’s first agricultural budget to “brave” people who oppose the center’s agricultural laws. A total of 34,220.65 million rubles has been allocated for agriculture and partner sectors for the 2021-22 years, said Agriculture Minister Mrke Paneneselva.
A separate wing to focus on organic farming, the agro-industrial corridor from Grishi to Nagapatina and the Moringa Export Zone in Tenni, Dindigul, Karur, Tutikorin, Arialur, Tirup and Madurai districts. According to Calagarinine Anita Gram Orununinta Velan Valarichi Titam, it is a way to ensure that all 12,524 village pancakes are independent of agricultural production. This year, the plan is to implement 250 kroner in 2,500 villages in Panchayat. The budget, which reflects the DMC’s focus on Tamil culture and heritage, has authorized collectors to cut down palm trees. It will also distribute 76 million subsidized Palmara seeds and one Lala Almere seedling to farmers in 30 woredas this year.
The mind of the late Prime Minister M. Carunini will be improved by Uzhavar Sanshais. “The government will stop and renew all efforts to alleviate the motives behind Uzhavar Sanshais,” he said. There was something for all the budgets.
He recalled that the agricultural sector can only be developed by entrepreneurs rather than job seekers. The government provides primary education in agriculture and horticulture in Tamil.
Missionary status will be accepted to nurture traditional varieties, develop skills among rural youth, and grow millet, cotton, and coconut.
He said the government has set up a food processing company to help farmers who are forced to sell their produce at low prices. Farmers come to ten markets for storage and marketing of agricultural products, and the farmer can sell the produce at a lower transportation cost. “At the request of the farmers during the discussions, it is planned to set up modern cold storage facilities at two locations, Odandanchatiram and Panututin,” said Paneneselva.
Cereals are purchased through cooperatives and the Civil Supply Corporation and provide food for PDS and lunch, while small millet rice is given to PDS in cities such as Chennai and Kombatore.



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