Do some fun things in your garden

Tell us what to do with the basic gardens and flower gardens, let’s make those gardens fun and exciting. There are other things we can do in our gardens to make the garden more enjoyable.

In your garden, instead of using clear Galilean nests around tomatoes and peppers, try using nest painted nests – red, yellow, bright blue. When your beans are ready to go out, you may want to use your support as a teepee or tent so that children or grandchildren have a great fort. Colorful pieces of cloth or fiber help keep birds and some other animals at bay and increase interest in the garden. Make fun scary pieces – a few pieces of wood, a brightly colored shirt (which you really don’t want the owner to wear in public) and bright pants. You can even draw a crazy face on flat wood and add a big hat if you want. They are your fears. Enjoy it. At night I would add two sunscreens to protect the deer and other animals.

The opportunities in your flower garden are almost unlimited. Almost everything can be part of the garden. Everything is possible if you get closer to normal in bird baths and seating areas or if you decorate balls and mosaic pieces of art or jokes with geniuses or stupid garden characters. It is your garden and it should reflect you. Welcome.

There are a few precautions I would suggest. Do not overdo it on your garden. Remember these styles should be and complement your garden, do not distract. Flowers and vegetables should still be the stars of the show.

Be sure to water those vegetables and flowers during these wet days and water them yourself. To keep the weeds out. Take time to sit down and enjoy your garden and all your hard work.

Keep playing in the trash until next time. Good for you.


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