Do you have a rain gauge? Rainlog Globe, Miami, San Carlos reports

The weather information is amazing. Do you have rainfall, or do you want to start a rainy season at your Globe-Miami, San Carlos or Hayden-Winkelman home? Wheat fields and Roosevelt weather reporters are also needed. Don’t miss out on this week’s Collaborative Extension Free Online Webinar on Thursday, August 12, when University of Arizona professor Michael Crimins explains how to get involved by adding your information to our state’s network.

From watershed management to drought planning at the city, county and state levels, local reporters and local information are important to everyone. All you need to do is take a rain gauge and access the Internet. volunteers choose a rain gauge, install it at home, and report daily rainfall online using a simple login form.
Why is your rain data important? Due to the topography and seasonal patterns, rainfall patterns are highly variable — throughout Globe-Miami and here in southern Gila County — this is especially true when it rains. There are large data gaps in many regions, adding new observers and reports here will help fill those gaps.

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