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YHave you ever been stuck with you for years when someone said something very stupid? What you put in your notebook, or at least mine, are small, meaningless statements. Once I heard an architect holding a cane, and I heard the horticulturist post a method of planting. Palms do not grow in Britain! ”They shouted. You see them on the beach and they look terrible.

This statement was far from over, in fact I always hear it and it always bothers me. So I think I’ve started to give you some simple tips to clean up the mess and make it look better.

Let’s make one thing clear for beginners. Cusan palms, Trachecarpus Fortuni, Originally from southern China, which experienced some of the heaviest snowfall ever. So, despite their warmth, they are completely strong on the British Isles, which can withstand at least -15C long descent without harm. However, there is a grain of truth in every piece of misinformation, and here these palms really hate growing at sea.

They are happy here - the palm of a Chinese windmill at home in Devon.
They are happy here – the palm of a Chinese windmill at home in Devon. Photography – Peter Turner Photography / Shutterstock

I don’t know what it is, because people plant them in beach resorts because they are associated with both very strange seasons, or because they think they can only grow in mild winter conditions close to the ocean. Whatever the reason, the large, impressively shaped palm leaves, and their tendency to hold each other for years, are truly easily damaged by strong winds and salty fires. If planted in such places, in a day or two they may turn from lush forest specimens into scattered debris, and once damaged, this will show for years. Plant them anywhere other than in high winds, and they are one of the strongest low maintenance species in UK gardening.

Chuzan palms are also one of the most unique plants, depending on the level of light they receive. Deep in their shade, their leaves become taller and larger, and they become brighter and more green – which dramatically adds to their strange appeal. Fortunately, shady dots are also highly protected from the wind.

Finally, during the summer months, it is almost impossible to water or overeat the cucumber, and they will return even the heaviest and shiny leaves with more than double the growth rate in the most difficult conditions. . If you find damaged leaves, scratching in just a few seconds will not only change the overall appearance of the plant, but will also actively encourage new ones to be produced.

So, please ignore everything that tells you that Chesapeake’s palms don’t grow in Britain. Not only is it far from the truth, it means that many people have lost one of the most beautiful and forgiving varieties of fruits and vegetables.

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