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Lady Maldonado Ramirez has been hungry since she was a child. From an early age, she enjoys cooking and sharing recipes with family members. She especially wanted the sweet spot between the sweet and the sour.

The lady who grew up in Valedupur, Colombia, found the role of Juan Manuel Barintos, the mastermind behind the Elsillo restaurant chain, well-known chef and businessman. His upbringing helped her to realize that she too was turning her attention to work.

When the recipe came down to decide where to start, all the signs went to TAFE. “I chose TAFE because it is one of the best institutions in Australia with its high quality education, excellent teachers and convenient campus,” she said.

Leid was also selected to receive the destination Australia Scholarship. Prior to her studies at TAFE Queensland, she completed an IELTS course on TAFE Queensland Southbank Campus. What more does an international student need? Flexibility. Thankfully, the institution offers that.

TAFE Queensland has the potential to deliver related choices to students in Australia and around the world. When Leidy was ready, she was given the unique opportunity to pursue both Certificate IV in Business Cooking and a Hospitality Diploma in Cairns, Australia: one of 50 places in TAFE Queensland, 22 places to study international programs.

The sealed hospitality allows anyone and all of Australia’s finest restaurants to learn and work. With financial worries in mind, Lady was able to immerse herself fully in the experience. “All I had to do was pay attention,” she says.

She focused. From Monday to Wednesday, it will be like a series of exciting lessons. At one point, her teachers organized a Barmundy plating competition. Even though Lydia did not win, she still had time in her life.

TAFE Queensland is known for providing practical, industry-related training in a variety of industries. Source: TAFE Queensland

The experience she has gained so far in her studies has made it incredibly easy for her to get a job at the current Nu Nu Restaurant – Palm Cove, Karens Best. This type of on-the-job training is common for any student growing up with TAFE.

“Who doesn’t love to work in a famous restaurant? I’m learning a lot of interesting things about the kitchen, ”says Lady. “I had a lot of challenges in the beginning – the main thing is that I am not fast or confident. Today I am.

Lydia hopes to become a chef soon. There is no reason why you should not add to your CV soon.

TAFE Queensland is the largest, most experienced training provider in Sunshine State. Known for providing practical, industry-related training in a variety of industries – think of agriculture and horticulture; Beauty; Animal care; Trade, justice and administration; At sea; Production and design; Sports and fitness; ICT, information and network; Tourism and events; With others.

In all, there are more than 500 nationally certified standards ready to bring any and all desires to life – each recognized and evaluated by industry consultants.

With a certificate, students quickly gain the skills they need to work confidently. They improve their knowledge with a diploma and acquire new skills that can be used immediately. Alternatively, students can apply for a bachelor’s degree and acquire the skills and knowledge needed for professional, advanced, or administrative jobs.

TAFE Queensland

Source: TAFE Queensland

You are welcome to take a certified business training course. Each diploma and advanced course has pathways from diploma to degree.

Over 112,000 students vote for TAFE Queensland each year. They represent more than 3,000 countries and more than 90 countries and agree that every TAFE Queensland route is effective. The numbers speak for themselves – approximately 87% of students go on to work or higher education upon graduation. TAFE Queensland boasts a 93.6% employer satisfaction rate.

TAFE Queensland collaborates with some of Australia’s top universities, such as CQ University and Griffith University, as well as industry leaders such as The Star, Marriott, Accor, Hilton and others. These relationships make it easier for all students to become a family name before graduation – just like Lady Do today. To follow in her footsteps, click here.

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