Domestic exporters should focus on the quality of agricultural products – VJ Ragavan

The government’s chief scientific adviser, Vijaya Ragavan, suggested to local exporters that the quality of agricultural products be the biggest challenge for exporters in the country.

He said quality, control and market analysis on agricultural, fruit and vegetable exports is very important.

Citing FIEO Ragavan, he said: “This is still the biggest challenge for our agricultural exporters and it is important to focus on the quality of agricultural products.

The consultant also specializes in international trade in R&D (research and development) services. By 2020, it had reached $ 339 billion. Of these, exports amounted to $ 167 billion and India has the largest potential in the sector.

Analysis of climate change, plant growth, exports, etc., in order to become an ‘IT agri-nation’, you need to look at agriculture in a more traditional way.

FIEO President A Saktiville said investing in R&D is important for the country’s economic growth.

Promoting growth and impact in the R&D services sector leads to job growth, innovation, quality improvement, productivity and exports.

India, like the United States (2.8 percent of GDP), and China (2.1 percent) need to increase investment in R&D, which is less than the cost of R&D in many countries. And Israel (4.3 percent), ”Saktiville said.


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